The structure is beautiful, but unfortunately the taste is weak.

Vincent 2022-10-31 03:46:48

I heard that the evaluation was high, so I came to make it up. Watching all the way down the screen full of slutty love barrage, some affect the viewing experience; there are not many valuable plot discussions on the Internet. This also confirms the characteristics of this episode: the characters are brightly colored, and the plot is weaker than the reputation.

When I first saw this film, I was really attracted by the narration of the characters in the group portraits and the interweaving of clues. Disrupting the timeline, disrupting the perspective to tell a story that at first glance breaks through the complicated and powerful, the structure itself is a film worth watching: few movies will push the plot like this. It is a pity that this kind of narrative adopted in the whole film does not have much effect on the plot, nor does it improve the tension of the plot well. Most of the time points interrupted by flashbacks and interludes are cutscenes. The audience will not guess anything wrong or be excited about any turning point, but just keep watching it with doubts. . . There is a suspicion of interpolating for the sake of interlude, and changing perspectives for the sake of changing perspectives. On the other hand, the handover of the episode can't help but praise, the suspense left at the end can just push you down to watch this dull plot. . . It is also a skill.

On the other hand, the characters are worthy of praise, although I don't really like any of them. A Teijin who accepts adversity but pursues extraordinary things, and insists on bottom-line issues; a gentleman who is open-minded and generous but also fearful and afraid at critical moments; a pro who is both civilized and military, intelligent and demon-like, "loves human beings" but has a despicable personality Also; Shizuo, who was born violent but gentle at heart; Celti, who is regarded as a legend but is actually a very small woman. . . Everyone has a distinct personality and is not facialized, and even most of the plot of the whole play is for the purpose of expressing the role deliberately. After the main plot is sacrificed unwisely, the colored leading actors can become the film's favorite. The pillars of praise - look at the screen-filled sluts, cp parties, and rotten women, and then look at the big [female-oriented] marked by LeTV, sometimes it makes me doubt: as a drama party, should I watch this film? . . .

Compared with the success of character creation, the lack of plot is really disappointing, and it is obvious that I heard about the reputation of "good plot". . . Even if I read it in one breath, I can't stand the slow and smooth progress of the plot. I don't know how torment the chasing plot party. . . When I see comments such as "I don't understand" and "I will give a low score if I don't understand", it is estimated that it is caused by the structure. In fact, the plot should be said to be too bland and simple. . . The three friends are the hidden bosses of the three major organizations. This is not very logical, purely for the purpose of creating a plot conflict, and none of them have been able to successfully create a plot climax that makes people applaud. The happy group brawl ended; Linya's god-like manipulation of the entire Ikebukuro conflict was even more outrageous. The "villain boss" in the entire Fanbuchang not only left a very popular Wen Yiyi, Except for Wu Yi's first nonsense character, it is not good for the work at all - an all-purpose character is a cheap plot generator and a buncher. "Hahaha I know everything about you" "Hahaha everything is manipulated by me" once the characters appear, it is the author's laziness and inaction. What's more, even if all-purpose characters are used, the plot is still the same as that of playing a family. . . . Too many coincidences and too many mysteries make the logic drop a point.
Of course, the dramatic conflict is not enough, I think the animation team has to recite half of it. The one-person, one-episode handling of the independent drama in the early stage was distracting, and the performance of the key plots in the later stage always felt muddled - for example, the impression of how to solve the cosmetic surgery incident of Yagiri Pharmaceutical in the main line has disappeared. The Erti people chatted casually around, Seiji poked Shizuo a few times with a pen, and mixed with other plots of miscellaneous things, what about the rhythm? Can you come up with the rhythm clearly? Anyway, let the audience get excited when the incident is resolved. . .
After the whole drama is over, the taste left in your mouth is [suspenseful taste of non-daily running account], right?

In general, for the sake of the structure and style, the characters can be created, but the plot is not enough.

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