This is a quirky but beautiful story with twists and turns!

Fred 2022-09-10 05:02:19

Tokyo, Ikebukuro.
The young Dragon Peak Teijin, who yearns for urban life, accepts an invitation from his friend Kida Masaomi, who has played with him since childhood, to leave his hometown and come to Tokyo to enter Ikebukuro Raiyo Gakuen to study.
In Ikebukuro, there are a few people who must not be provoked, especially Shizuo Heiwajima, who is known as the "strongest", and Rinya Orihara, who runs the information house. In addition, Ikebukuro has an unidentified violent group called "Dollars".
However, on the first day in Beijing, Teijin, who was disturbed by the complicated relationship with Ikebukuro, witnessed the urban legend "Headless Horseman" riding a black motorcycle through the streets - Celti Strullsen .
As a result, with the successive incidents of slashers in Ikebukuro, Shizuo Heiwajima, Rinya Orihara, Dollars, Headless Horsemen, Slashers, and Yellow Turban Thieves surfaced one after another, surrounding the topic of "who is the strongest in Ikebukuro" , Ikebukuro is facing collapse, and a series of abnormal but straightforward stories begin.

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