As much as you love her, take her off as much as you want

Danielle 2022-07-12 15:30:02

Any movie with Monica Bellucci is not normal. Her body severely interferes with the viewer's attention.

Therefore, even if director Bertrand Blier ("The Street of Desire") played with Brecht's alienation techniques, "How Much Love Me" still failed to make Monica Bellucci unfamiliar Turn it into a cent.

In fact, this is an open secret: any film that invites Monica Bellucci to join, its director, screenwriter, cameraman, and actors will do their best to make the sexiest woman in the world do her best as usual. The show -- take off. The whole world wants to see her, and no one can resist this collective will, even Vincent Caso, a fierce-looking horse-faced man hated by the whole world, the husband of Monica Bellucci. In "Irrevocable", this man personally cooperated with the most brutal and thorough voyeuristic ritual of his wife to date.

At this time, I think of Peng Xianghao's "AV". What a work of genius.

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