"Love Me How Deep": Show Your Love Or Empty

Monserrate 2022-07-12 14:23:00

There are stunners like Bellucci, enough.

The first half is a romantic love story. Francois won the jackpot, found Bellucci, a call girl, and gave her 100,000 euros a month, with only one condition, let her live with him like a husband and wife.

And so it started. Francois was so mad at such a stunner that his fragile heart could hardly bear it. It seems that there is really love.

In the second half, after Depardieu's inexplicable appearance, things get absurd. De Mou is rich and powerful, and it seems that he can easily pull Bellucci to his side. But when they went to bed, neither of them felt it. Even when they went to bed, the door was open, and two of De's friends were reading books outside the door. After a while, they rushed in and tried to help De.

It's not over yet. Bellucci decided to go back to Francois, who was having a good time with the ugly girl next door as she hummed upstairs. A dream is shattered: even if there is no love, Francois can still have fun with others, in other words, Francois and Bellucci are so crazy to enjoy the sex of the bed, is it really love?

Then the second dream was shattered: Francois said that he didn't win the lottery at all, he had no money, and he still won the rich Demou, hehe. Does money matter, doesn't it matter? Did François without money become ugly, useless, boring, intolerable?

Then there is a scene, which is very interesting: Francois and Bellucci are sitting in the house on a sunny afternoon, caressing their hands with affection, and the clothes hanging outside the house are floating. Well, not to mention sex, not to mention money, I think this love is really pure, it seems that it can be intoxicating.

Wait a minute. A bunch of François colleagues rushed in and had a party at his house, but they couldn't get out. They danced wildly, and they watched Bellucci drool, causing Francois to get into a fight with one of his colleagues. An even more absurd scene came. Bellucci and a colleague of Francois hid in a corner and made out. Francois and all the other colleagues stood outside the glass and watched. Francois looked in pain and did not what action to take.

What does this scene mean? In Kafka's "Castle", he wrote such a scene. In a bar, there was a man and a woman. look at them. This absurd scene declares that all good things are shattered, the individual has no privacy, and the individual ceases to exist. The scene that Francois saw also announced the shattering of the third dream: it is impossible to hope to find oneself, find a person, and find "I" in love. It was true for Francois, and it was true for Bellucci.

Do you love me? How deeply do you love me? This is a question often asked by lovers. So caring about this unanswered question, in the final analysis, I want to see myself in the eyes of my lover, and see a "me" that even I think is illusory. The dream was broken, and Bellucci's eyes were still so lonely.

This stunner's look is enough to kill you and me.

Love has nothing to do with sex, it has nothing to do with money, it has nothing to do with the illusory "I", so tell me, my dear, what love is, it's empty.

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