From steelmaking to softness around fingers

Kay 2022-09-19 17:28:38

I haven't seen this classic movie, but I can see from the comments that many military fans are dissatisfied with the adaptation of this drama. Originally, it was a spy war for half of the time after the adaptation of Hot Blood Man and Warship Legend. Actually, I personally don't object, but The level of spy warfare in this drama is really Hmmm

First of all, I will say that the captain of the sea line, the younger brother, because he played the gay in the electoral street, the impression left on me is so ingrained that I always think that something will happen between him and the first officer... In addition, the sea line personally thinks that it is better than The land line is wonderful, imagine a lonely submarine wandering in the sea, like a lonely soul wandering in the universe, especially the moment when the submarine sinks into the sea, people feel a sense of suffocation. The feeling of heavy anxiety and suffocation in the episode is very contagious. Later, everyone came back to the land with a common lie. In this life, I am afraid that this dark secret will overwhelm their conscience.

Besides, the land line is more bloody. The female spy who was forced to go to Liangshan fell in love with the female bandit leader of the anti-resistance organization? Although in the first scene when the two of them met, their eyes were weird, I was still shocked when the two kissed, and then the female spy went all the way to complete all kinds of impossible tasks, and even more so, the chief police officer was very fond of the female spy. I can't see through the obvious nervousness and lies cruel

At the end, the captain appeared mysteriously in the United States. It is said that the screenwriter of the second season has a bigger brain hole and is ready to continue chasing

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