Disaster adaptation

Kennith 2022-09-19 20:01:16

I'm a fan of the movie version, I've watched it at least six times, and this TV series is a catastrophic adaptation that completely ruins the classic.

In the story of the submarine line, there are too many familiar (or even identical) lines, shots, and plots. The director wants to pay tribute to the classic movies, but he is constrained by his own story. There are many scenes in the rhythm that are dawdling and procrastinating, making the rhythm of the story abruptly changed from being able to give people high blood pressure to hitting Hache. A lot of inspiration for the plot comes from the movie, but the arrangement is very abrupt and blunt, and there is no cause and effect to take for granted. Not to mention the espionage front on the shore, it has to rely on the bizarre brain hole of a female soldier in an international column and a female German translator to go to bed. Go to bed, go to bed, young people in the 21st century can also accept LGBT is not, but please don't go on a scene or the enemy knocks on the door, the next scene is to finish love, okay? I beg the screenwriter to retire and retire, and stop harming classic works.

In addition, we must spit out the official subtitles of Tencent. Renren Film and Television was hit and went bankrupt and said it was to protect copyright, so I can bear it, but you can't focus on your official work? The subtitles of the whole play can be seen as a small translation who does not understand the military at all, and may not even have seen the original movie to do his homework. In order to catch up with the KPI, there are errors everywhere, just to list a few:

Oberstauermann is the navigator, translated as the main helmsman, the navigator is not the steering wheel;

There is no distinction between military rank and position. Whenever "Kapitän" appears, it will be translated as captain, but it is obvious that the soldier in the shot is calling his rank of colonel, which greatly affects the understanding of the plot;

Both Einswachoffizier and Zweiwachoffizier are literally translated as "First (Second) Alert Commander", please, a line of subtitles has more than ten characters, and seven characters are a title. Vice? Really no crew knowledge;

Einblasen, obviously the commander ordered to pump out compressed air when the ship couldn't control the sinking so that it could rise up to rescue itself. The result was translated as "start all the main cabin fuel tanks". Is this because the danger is not big enough to set fire to the submarine?

After watching five episodes, I really don't have the courage to watch it any more.

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