No matter why you want to watch this show, run

Aryanna 2022-09-19 23:27:39

I really can't take it anymore... no matter what you are attracted to, listen to my advice and run--

(The following is purely insulting)

I'm not interested in submarines or anything, and I haven't read the original book, because some very misleading fans came here. From this drama alone, it can really give people a heart attack. I don't know where this rating comes from, it may be a mysterious advantage that I don't understand. What the hell is this plot, whether it needs to be verified, whether it is emotional or emotional, whether there is logic or logic, and the character creation is a mess... Do you Germans think that anti-war is traitorous? Shape the Reds into a group of gangsters with no brains and courage, and shape the Nazis into a group of traitors with their brains down, and the war looks like a circus farce. There are also lesbians, I quite like the character's appearance, and after reading it, people are almost mad and passed over. Simon ended up selling Kara again I really don't understand. The plot of the Gestapo and the virgin brother is too disgusting, I can't think of a reason for him to write this except that the screenwriter is an ntr plus sex abuser. In fact, the guerrillas are completely rational. Instead of condemning the Nazis who shot the hostages, they condemn the guerrillas. I don't understand this anti-war attitude, but it is very shocking. And does the screenwriter have any psychological shadows on drug abuse, and why so many people abuse drugs. It's not difficult to write this thing, you are like a T-34 to write an anti-German drama, in which you can show that the Germans also have brains, and then add a bit of blood to the plot. The military fans won, and the two handsome guys already have them. Just a little bit more about the gay and sympathetic plot in gay, and the fangirl won it, wouldn't that be enough? is it hard? is it hard? ! Punish the screenwriter to read "Story" a hundred times. Then don't write about lesbians. The LGBTQ groups are about to get together twenty-six letters. Just find some other group to make a living, and kowtow to the screenwriter. This is actually a mindless German idol drama, right? So many handsome men and beauties trick people in and kill them. The more I think about it, the more angry I get. Is the screenwriter fucking Kennedy? He has such a big brain hole. I might not be that pissed off if it was just plain stupid. It's not good to do something during this time, you have to watch this. I really want to travel back in time to stop the me who started the show. I was stunned by this damn lesbian character and was killed by the screenwriter in the end. I crowdfunded rag screenwriters. Thank you for giving me the courage to continue writing novels. If this thing can be filmed, I think I can do it.

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