Hehe, classic satirical movie!

Eldora 2022-10-04 14:33:08

Any sexy and beautiful woman can make any man love her, it is better to say that any man wants to enjoy such a stunner beautifully, any sexy and beautiful woman may be lost in the cage of power and money because of her pleasure, any Power and money may be lost because of such a sexy and beautiful woman. In this movie, people's instinct is to pursue happiness. Freud said that the fundamental driving force of all happiness is sex. People have the instinct to pursue sex, but also to destroy instinct, when a man can't satisfy the sex he asks for, he will destroy the woman he loves to enjoy, make her miserable, and this woman doesn't care, because she is only responsible for the person she loves, because she also When enjoying him, everyone is enjoying each other, whether it is sex or love, it is all pleasure, pleasure is too much to enjoy, as the hero said, I can pay until I can't pay.

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