be true to oneself

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"Sammy (Billy Crystal, "The Boss Steps aside") is a second-rate actor agent with a dream of making a big business in Hollywood. By chance, he met a 7-foot-7 The giant Max (played by the Romanian NBA basketball star Gaif Morrison), he is an administrator living in a monastery, and usually likes to quote Shakespeare's classic quotes. With Sammy

's intuition as an agent, Max seems to be It is a great opportunity that fell from the sky, and will create a new peak in his brokerage career, so he tried his best to persuade Max to join, and promised to help him find his first love, Liliana (Joanna Pakula, "The Devil's Rebirth")

. On a dream-seeking journey, from Romanian forests to Chicago, from New York to the Western Desert, and finally to Las Vegas, Sammy tried every means to convince Hollywood action star Stephen Seagal to let Max in his film. The previous corner. But this journey of chasing dreams was not as they imagined, and finally they realized a truth, just as Shakespeare's classic saying "Be true to yourself!""

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My Giant quotes

  • Sam Kamin: Does anyone here speak English? Perfect! Either I'm in heaven or the Miami airport.

  • [waking up after a car accident and seeing a cross]

    Sam Kamin: Oh shit, wrong heaven!

    [seeing a bunch of monks]

    Sam Kamin: Definitely wrong heaven!