Allan 2022-09-15 12:50:41

The comedy has a low score, but every man who sees it buys one, pays for the disc and puts it in his bag without hesitation, like a bunch of brain-controlled idiots.

This movie starred Monica Bellucci.

The director, like all male audience members, didn't pay to see her dressed. So let her take off when she has time. When she takes off, she plays arias, plays holy light, high-key, take off! In the name of men all over the world, please remove your shirts! So there is a scene of dementia inside and outside the picture... Monica Bellucci, the sexy totem of this century~

There are many bridges and lines where sperm attack the brain, which is actually quite funny. However, the director did not hold back until the end, and started to commit hysteria in the French art group again. He frantically deconstructed it, and made a good commercial film. It started at the third level and finally did not understand. But this director Bertrand Blier, in 1979 there was a movie called "Breakout/Cold Meal" Buffet froid, it was very good, and Gerard Depardieu also participated. It was a completely illogical story, but he just said no It came out beautiful, the Chinese name is "weiwei", it is indeed a dictionary explaining the word "weird". See, don't let it go, mine seems to be cheated by TB :(

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