The good old days of football

Raegan 2022-07-11 21:41:28

Seeing that another World Cup year is coming, the Germans plan to build momentum for their World Cup, so there is this nostalgic movie.
In 1954, shortly after the end of World War II, as a defeated country, as an "axis of evil", the air of this hazy country was extremely solemn. So they need football to soothe their hearts, but also need a victory.
A former prisoner of war who trembled when he heard the sound of drilling, a football-obsessed boy, a budding sports reporter, a national team bench player... All are looking forward to the miracle of Bern.
Maybe movies are always too sensational, but it is undeniable that football in that era was so pure that there were no professional leagues, no sex scandals, no stimulants or drugs, only fanaticism.
Football lovers can look back on that era in this film, Larne, the 1950 world champion Uruguay, the Hungarian football king Puskas, and Helberg and adidas founder Dassler...
that is indeed a good times.
PS: As a kid, I also enjoyed playing barbs on hard surfaces.
PS2: At that time, the progressive youth of West Germany were going to East Germany, and the rebellious youth of East Germany in "Former Leaders" were going to West Germany...

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