The miracle of Bern

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In 1954, the first World Cup after the war. In the final on July 4, the biggest upset in the history of the World Cup was staged. The previously mediocre German team defeated the Hungarian team, which had beaten Germany 8:3 in the group stage, and was at the height of the day and maintained an unbeaten record for four years.

This biggest upset is called the miracle of Bern.

Before the 2004 World Cup, this football past was brought to the screen.

But as the director said, this is not a football movie, but a family movie. Football in this movie is more of a background or its symbolic meaning.

Before this background are the ordinary town residents of the protagonists. Like most ordinary Germans in the postwar period, they were scarred, hard-fought, and thought differently.

The hardest was my father, who had just returned from a Soviet POW camp. His predicament can be described as difficult. The shadow of war haunted him. The experience of being a prisoner of war almost broke him. Being in the war made him feel guilty deep down. The growth of his children was completely different from what he had in mind. While the rest of the family was struggling to survive, his absence separated him from his children, but he was reluctant to explain or recall his experience in the POW camp.

All this drove him into a corner of life. Like most Germans after the war.

In such a desperate situation, can they still stand up again?

The miracle performed by the German football team in Bern proves that miracles can be created even in a desperate situation. This team was questioned from the beginning, and finally turned into a victory in the face of a strong enemy, which is a symbol of the German people's struggle and recovery from the ruins.

These two clues echo each other and advance the story step by step.

Relatively speaking, the third clue in the movie, the story of the sports reporter and his beautiful bride, is interesting but outside the story. I thought it was a failure.

The overall arrangement of the story is very talented. This was originally created to commemorate the 2004 World Cup and tell the legend of the 54-year World Cup. The script, however, relegated the football game to the second line, and instead tapped into the story of a young fan in the hometown of the team's forward, thus affecting the hearts of more people. Very cleverly designed.

It's just that I feel that the form and theme are a bit familiar, but I can't remember what made me feel this familiar.

The picture quality of the DVD of this movie is very good, with high definition, but there is no over-sharpening kind of carving marks. The colors are warm and soft, a little nostalgic, but not contrived. The overall performance is very rare.

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