A new epiphany of love--------or so I thought

Maggie 2022-11-02 11:05:19

About what love is

(1) Love is a feeling

of the tender eyes you look at her, the warmth
you feel when you hug each other,
the frenzy when you kiss, and
your ever-fast heartbeat, which
is unforgettable.
Yes, absolutely related to the heart.
It is you who think and do things with your heart.

(2) Love is inclusive of everything

. When she betrays, when she has another lover,
you clearly know that she will forgive you,
but as long as she still loves you, it is enough for you to forgive her.
It's no surprise that this thing appears in French films.
But if you dare to ask a Chinese man
what he would do if his wife cuckolded him,
he would hysterically curse women all over the world.
Instead of asking how many times he has been sorry for his woman.
Is this an absolute patriarchal society?
So France has always been my vision and my dream.
Everyone lives freely. Love is equality and freedom.
Rather than possessive and condescending feelings.

(3) How to treat love

that we cannot have, but others can have.
The film unfolds an interesting narrative with different people and their specific identities.
Daniela's neighbors----the sanctimonious "Pure" Daniela's colleagues who
lack love but keep saying that the uneatable grapes are sour ---- some people who love to watch the fun and love and love of people the curious man Charlie ----

Daniella's doctor and friend , a man who once conquered Daniela and thought he could forever be invincible as a conqueror -
Daniella's doctor and friend who
has always longed to love and be loved but unfortunately can't have it all People

(4) Happy ending

I don't know if the last dance party where all the demons danced
means that everyone is overwhelmed by love.
And are willing to end their original differences in a joyful atmosphere and
go into the arms of love.

In fact, there is a lot about human nature in it.
For example, Daniela's pursuit of love and freedom determines her bohemian life and legend.
And how bachelor middle-aged men treat love.
How love makes people beautiful and vulnerable.
In line with a sentence, if a person who is unwilling to open his heart
completely opens his heart to you,
then your injury to him can give him the most fatal blow.
And someone you trust completely
can kill you completely without even realizing it.

Is it wrong to open your heart, is it wrong to trust others?
So we feel helpless and hopeless after weighing a lot.
There is also a lot of helplessness and despair in this film.
But in the end the love melted away.
And became the foil of love.
With these helplessness and despair, the preciousness and eternity of love can be better brought out.

Having said too much, I forgot to ask my comrades, do you still believe in love?

Do you remember the happiest moment of your life? You and him are loving and being loved.
Lingering to the bones, sublimated to the deepest part of the soul.

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