A four different football movie

Pearl 2022-10-09 02:20:31

This film seems to be a warm-up film for the 2006 World Cup. The director has added too many elements, such as the shadow of war, football, childhood, father and son. Although I like all these elements, but together, people feel that the main line is unclear, I don't know What exactly is the director trying to express, and the tone of the film is not clear. One moment is low in emotion, one moment is full of passion, and one moment is sensational again. It seems to have comedy elements, which makes people unpredictable. No less than ten characters are described in detail, and several major flaws have turned this originally good subject into four dissimilarities, which is a pity.
Fans can already see him as a German football documentary, which is really ordinary in terms of plot. Finally figured out why the sports station broadcast this movie and not the movie channel.

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