stream of consciousness

Nicole 2022-11-13 06:05:06

After watching it, I always want to scold a few words, of course not because of the movie, but because of the low-level machine translation subtitles, we need an authentic French subtitle group.

There is a slight deviation between the emotions of men and women in the film and the real life. It is based on a major premise, Daniela is a beautiful woman, so beautiful that men admire her and can't help but be fascinated. Whether the actors in the film or us as the audience, by This creates a sensual resonance; if a woman fails to give such a sensual impact (not just in scale, of course), then there will be no logic and continuity in the stream of consciousness in the film. The same is true in real life, at least for men, if a woman does not have such a shocking allure in the senses, it is usually impossible to trigger associations and inner activities such as in the film, etc., but this is not the same as reality. The emotions of men and women in life are just different. People are implicit and dominated by the subconscious. Our inner activities are closed, independent, and have no connection with others. What we think and what we do are contradictory, unlike in the film, Francois It can be like a stranger seeking sensual and psychological comfort, and the other party is accepting and responding to Francois in the same way, although both parties are doing the same thing but carrying out different psychological activities, but such a male and female emotional It is full of revolutionary and humanistic realism. If someone thinks that Daniela is just a prostitute and Francois is just looking for a prostitute who can have sex, then there is not so much after the text. Here, there is no high or low, only the truth .

I thought it was a romance film, at least the name looked similar, but later it would feel more like a psychology textbook, telling about a man's reverie and desire for life and a woman, a woman's desire for happiness, and a man's values. Going back to the previous assumption of sensory stimulation, if the actor is not Monica, then Francois will still be full of reverie about life, and make a fictional assumption about his partner, although not Monica, but still someone in his heart can give him reverie. Sensually stimulated woman. So does it mean that a woman who is physically and classically aesthetically far away from being beautiful is unattractive to men, yes, but emotionally, it's more complicated, no comment. But in the film, why did Francois suddenly have sex with the neighbor, the unremarkable old woman? This is a man. Francois portrayed by the director is a man with a firm self-awareness and self-regulation. Francois knows what he is obsessed with, and knows the elasticity of the status quo. Sometimes he is aimless, sometimes tit for tat. In fact, it can be seen from Francois' stream of consciousness scene that what he longs for is a simple, simple life, a beautiful and wild woman, every time Daniela wears a white dress or a plain dress in Francois' stream of consciousness scene, while For others, such as Francois' doctor friend who died in the film, Daniela in his stream of consciousness is wearing a sexy Chinese cheongsam, in his eyes, she is just a prostitute; also for bankers, the partner woman is just an ornament ; Daniela is a pure sex goddess in the eyes of Francois colleagues; and so on and so on. Looking at it, I also feel that the film is a bit like a sitcom, a sketch, with a bit of dark humor, stemming from the contradictions of Daniela, the contradictions of a beautiful woman, maybe, if she is not so beautiful and moving, will there be so many troubles, Waiting for reception every day to make money? There is a very interesting scene, which statically shows Daniela smoking a cigarette, sitting in the corner of the bar, just through the vertical glass of the enchanting facade. Suddenly, she seems to be a commodity, and a man is eager to pay for it. The luxury goods, very contradictory, she is not an exclusive commodity. She wants to be loved, wants to be rich, she tries different men, she has principles but a wild heart, she has simple and realistic ideas of women, and it also reflects a lot of Daniela in real life; very interesting, Why is the background of the film a beautiful mature woman and a bald middle-aged man who is not good-looking? woman wants What matters is money, love, and a man is undoubtedly a woman, a beautiful woman, a woman who is both beautiful and virtuous, money? Sometimes extra money is nothing compared to a woman. If Daniela in the movie or in real life is a fat and bloated woman, will Francois and others still have fantasies about her? Still going to FUCK? O NO, of course, in a certain part of the crowd in this concentration, there are all kinds of men and women in the Angel Emily who are FUCK, that is love, but the emotions of men and women in this film cannot be regarded as love, to be precise, it is mutual satisfaction and care, Some people got it, some people are still hesitating and blurred, whatever, Italian beauty and French ugly man, no doubt the beauty is sugar, and the ugly man is salt. One is indispensable, so as not to make a very sweet and salty taste.

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