Absurdity and Contrast

Virgie 2022-10-13 21:55:01

To put it in the front: we are not essential to erotica, but we lack the absurdity behind erotica; we are not flocking to the downfall, but we lack the depression behind it; we also do not have to look at the hot Beauty, but what we're missing is that bewildered attention in the beauty's eyes. Any shocking force is trying to arouse deep resonance or create a huge contrast. It is Meng Jiao's "Wandering Son", Su Shi's "Water Melody", Tom Hanks' "Forrest Gump" The True Story"; but perhaps it should be Du Shiniang's song and cry, Chen Shimei's argument, Nigras Cage's "King of War", the cry of an R-rated heroine, and the trembling of a drug addict. hands.

The work at hand is very busy, so I had already opened the movie, but I forgot about it and started to work on other things. However, the earphones were not removed, and before I knew it, a very smooth rhythm and cleansing music flowed in my ears, dragging me out of the trivial work. Only then did I realize that my movie window was still open in the background, and when I switched the screen, I saw that it was the naked back of Monica Bellucci lying on the side.
The first is the sound, the second is the abrupt carcass, so I just finished watching "Combien tu m'aimes" first. The plot doesn't need to be described too much, but it's very strange how Monica Bellucci always plays this kind of role (maybe I don't see much, but if I remember correctly, her early "Affair" and "The Way of Sex" are all erotic movies). In fact, her acting skills are not bad, at least surprising in "Irrevocable" (of course not the rape scene, but unfortunately this film is banned). It may be because her figure is too graceful, and the role of a sexy porn star has been stereotyped, so that her attendance at Cannavaro's goal award ceremony in the previous paragraph was also well rendered by the media. However, unlike other actresses who are known for their sexiness, she is always able to blend her figure with the role, from Malena to Daniela. These heroines always become the focal point of the streets and neighborhoods because of their beauty, and in the end they are constantly entangled in trouble and disputes.
But if that's all, then "How Much Love Me" is nothing to watch, but don't worry, French movies always have ingenious surprises and surprises. Just imagine an honest man with a heart attack, a charming call girl with a huge jackpot in the middle. But these are enough to make people feel absurd and interesting.

Everyone who has a dream of making a fortune has probably had the infatuation of the 5 million jackpot, but when it comes to consumption, even if someone thinks of some lace and peach love, I am afraid it will not be like "How Much Love Me". Like this old man, he spends 100,000 euros a month on a firework woman, and it's still - "until the straight road runs out." First of all, don't worry about how crazy and incredible this old man is, but it's hard to tell the reason for the source of his behavior. There are many men who have admired beauty since ancient times, and some of them only love beauty and not the country, but most of these people are either successful or rich, at least not this old man came abruptly and unexpectedly. Although Li Longji and Yang Guifei have been criticized for many times, they are also vigorous in "Song of Everlasting Sorrow", which has the advantage of natural success; Li Yu, who is in his arms after the big and small weeks, is at least the boss; and Zhang Wuji's abandonment of fame and fame is somewhat Decisiveness is also inevitable in character. It's just that the old man in this movie is really unpredictable. In reality, many people have a more or less peach-colored dream of embracing fragrance and emerald green, but once the wealth really rolls in, how many people can pour out their money?
In short, this old man is full of irreconcilable contradictions. There are a lot of men who spend their days drinking and drinking, but there are very few men who only throw a lot of money on a woman, and even fewer men throw money for a fireworks woman. After watching the whole movie, I felt from the beginning to the end that this old man definitely didn't like Daniela very much. Maybe what he wanted was a state, a new state of life maintained by money. So there is the paragraph I said at the beginning, eroticism, degeneration, the combination of these elements, what brings us the most is not the senses, but a subversion of the order of life, a subversion of immutability and numbness. What it brings is a novelty, even if this novelty is against morality and ethics, it is extremely valuable.

So I feel more and more precious as a director. Life is unremarkable, repetitive, and orderly, and compared to the abuse, guesswork, and mutual attacks, which are talked about by everyone, compared to the scandals and voyeurs that everyone talks about, this kind of absurdity has some confusion and confusion. Can surprise us.
Due to the lack of legends, there is a superman who has reached the sky; due to the lack of perception of pain, there are "The Pianist" and "Schindler's List"; due to the lack of attention to the helplessness of life, there is "The Weatherman" ", due to the lack of freshness and changes, so there is "Star Wars", due to the lack of soil to achieve fantasy, so there are adaptations of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Chronicles of Narnia", due to the lack of opportunities to realize dreams, so there are "The Aviator"...
So, what is missing to have "How Deep in Love"?

Just like "The Beautiful Legend of Sicily", Daniela once again caused a lot of trouble because of his hotness. First, the hero had a heart attack, then the doctor died suddenly, and then the female neighbor couldn't work. And make every man salivate...beautiful and indescribable, probably it will stop at the beginning, right?
The handling at the end of the film is very tasteful, with repeated images of imagination and reality, I thought it would be a fierce affair, but I didn't expect it to be the obscenity of the neighbors. I thought the story would end with a revolver. I didn't expect this to happen. Just angry voices.
I've always admired this style. Gorgeous and simple pictures interspersed, flowing background music, and large and small characters full of personality and ego.

Good or bad is not about naked scale - any exciting power comes from resonance or contrast. If only the former is emphasized, then maybe directors such as Jin Jied, Oshima Nagisa, and Kubrick are so depressed that they want to commit suicide?
"How Deep in Love" is re-deconstructed in contrast, subversion and absurdity. Maybe it's not the best, the most artistic and the most popular, but it's like the 2006 World Cup where Argentina played against the black, even though it didn't get the World Cup, it's enough to have such a victory .

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