"How Deep You Love Me": A symbol of love for God, a good woman is the source of life

Providenci 2022-11-18 00:10:02

After watching the movie "White Deer Plain", I wrote a saying: A good woman is vitality. A friend said: What do you mean.
I watched "How Much Love Me" today, and this sentence came to my mind again.
I haven't seen such a soul-touching movie in a long time. Behind the simple plot and dialogue, the energy of life is like an undercurrent.
When Daniela left, François saw her again at the bar, and he confessed affectionately: The days we spent together were enough for my life. I know that happiness does exist. My tears flowed down the ground.
What is happiness? To truly feel your true self in love.
Before meeting Daniela, Francois was a small clerk in a company in the city, living a monotonous and lonely single life, and his heart was not very good. There is no joy in life.
After winning the lottery, he still works, but uses the wallet to support Daniela, a prostitute.
She is an unusual woman. She is so real and exudes the power of life, which can awaken everyone's desire for life and ignite the enthusiasm for life. Let those who live in loneliness and hardships find the excitement of withered trees and spring. She reminds the devout believers of a beautiful love, and makes the down-and-out female translator think of the euphoria of orgasm, let. . .
Her greatest credit is activating François's life. Francois experienced happiness and joy, and heart disease was no longer a problem for him. They face the mirror naked and say: Look, this is the power of love. . .
However, Daniella's vitality is too strong, maybe she can't bear the lonely life of being alone at home every day, she returns to the bar, and is spotted by a banker. The banker took her away to a luxurious apartment. However, their intersection is uninteresting. The passionate Daniela became passive and silent. Just like the nightingale no longer sings, without the spiritual essence of love, the fire of the exuberant life cannot burn.
Daniela returned to Francois's side. They're not a client-prostitute relationship, they're real love. François's colleagues also came to his house in shame, because they wanted to see the beauty. The crowd rejoiced, everyone danced, and their vitality was ignited by Daniella's vigorous fire. A person who has never experienced love, moved to tears, he found it! People danced and didn't want to leave. Francois drove them away: we were going to bed, but Daniela left the guests behind. - This is a symbol, Daniella, the goddess of love and beauty, who does not reject all those who seek love. So people rejoiced, life was released, and the porches of François were covered with underwear, leaving a clear association: all the people who were lit were enjoying the joy, the pleasure of sex.

A woman is the earth and the place where all things grow. A woman with strong vitality is the embodiment of love and beauty. Lonely single men and women in the city are running for survival. They long for love, to be released in love, to find themselves in love, to experience happiness and joy in love, and to use love to change their lives. A woman like Daniela is a door, a kind of fire, she can understand and connect with the nature of all people who yearn for love, and with her presence, people truly connect with themselves. It was a happy carnival.

Again, this movie is soul-stirring. The high-pitched Italian bel canto as the background music sings the beauty of love and sex. Monica Bellucci's vibrant body is the most intuitive interpretation of this god of love.

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