The miracle of Bern

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The trauma of the Second World War was severe, especially for the defeated countries. After World War II, Germany was full of ruins and ruins. In the spring of 1954, in West Germany, which is still in ruins, the life of an ordinary family will usher in a change.
In that unusually cold winter 11 years ago, my father, who was captured under Stalingrad, finally returned from the Soviet Union. However, this person who has been longing for his return day and night brings not joy and peace to the family, but conflict and confusion. He brought the old-fashioned German father's rigid and harsh discipline to his children, encountered his son's questioning of his Nazi military status, and suffered from the frustration of trying to support his family but repeatedly hitting a wall. Although a prisoner of war, although he has been away from home for nearly 12 years, he wants to maintain the dignity of a father and give the family the support and shelter a father should provide. But the harder he tried, the more distant the family became. He's like the old librarian in "The Shawshank Redemption" - locked up for 50 years, has been completely assimilated by the prison system, can no longer adapt to life outside the bars, and the only escape is suicide. But he was luckier than the old administrator because, as well as football.
His youngest son, Mattes, who was born after he was on the front lines, is a huge fan, and their hometown also has a national team player who would become a legend, Rahn Helmut. And this year, Germany entered the fifth World Cup held in Bern, Switzerland, and the whole country was crazy about football.
As the game progressed, the father began to open his heart to his children. He began to discuss football with Mattes. He also began to let go of his parents' face and strong disguise, and told his family about his experience in the prisoner of war camp. Those who did not know the next day Can you still wake up in the hungry nights, those cold mornings in Siberia who don't believe they can come home alive. Sincerity has brought their families closer, misunderstandings are melting and rifts are closing, but they still can't believe that life will gradually get better, just like no one can believe that West Germany will win the World Cup.
No one dared to believe that West Germany would win the championship because of their opponent, the huge mountain in front of them - Hungary. Today's Hungarian team has long been unknown in world football, but the Hungarian team in 1954 is an out-and-out legend. How strong are they? On the basis of the traditional "WM" formation, they created the first four strikers to play, setting off a wave of "the first technological revolution" in football history. Wait for the legendary superstar. And, since May 1950, Hungary has never lost as a national team! They scored 27 wins and 4 draws in 31 international games, including 6-3 away and 7-1 at home, which was a bloodbath at the time and disdain for England. In the 1952 Olympic Games, the Hungarian team swept all the strong and easily won the gold, winning the reputation of "Magic Hungary". Moreover, it was the Hungarian team that beat West Germany 8-3 in the group stage two weeks ago.
In the face of such opponents, the German tanks did not give up their fighting spirit, and God seemed to be on their side. July 4th, finals day. The blue sky in the morning turned into a heavy downpour at noon. The muddy field magnifies the effect of unyielding will and gives a chance for tenacious struggle. In the unfavorable situation of conceding 2 goals in a row in the opening 8 minutes, the West Germany team also miraculously equalized the score in 8 minutes, and under the onslaught of the Hungarian team, they desperately held on to the fateful moment. In the 86th minute, Walter passed the ball, Rahn Helmut broke through and shot, 3 to 2! It was Germany's first World Cup win and one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.
The miracle of Bern inspired Germany and gave the German national self-confidence and national identity. Football is not only an opportunity for Matters to reconcile with his father, but also a catalyst for bridging rifts, healing wounds and moving forward in unity within the German nation. A year later, the last prisoners of war returned from Russia, the same year that Germany's economic miracle began.
"The Miracle of Bern" is a film adapted from this legend. It is not only a sports inspirational film, but also a family warmth film, and it is also a historical memory. Outside of the film, there are also different versions of the miracle in Bern: There are reports that Eric Eggers, a researcher at the German Federal Institute for Sports Science, has been precision-engineered on multiple empty pill bottles found in the West Germany dressing room after the final. After testing, it was found that there were methamphetamine (the main component of methamphetamine) and amphetamine, which is a typical central nervous system stimulant, and its side effect is drug-induced liver damage. In the following decades, there have been a number of Federal German players suffering from jaundice hepatitis. Although this statement is also full of doubts, for example, how can real doping leave such obvious evidence as an empty bottle, but in the era of ideological confrontation and the Cold War between East and West, the shadow of doping has always been shrouded in international sports competitions. . Therefore, this statement is also listed here for the time being. Whether it is true or false is left to historians to judge.

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