The liar, the origin of the German blow

Elmore 2022-11-13 13:07:13

With the development of sports medicine and anti-doping to this day, the controversy over some matters in the finals of that year has basically been concluded.

That's right, the West German team collectively took amphetamine and methamphetamine, which today has a more popular and popular name - meth.

With this, the Germans destroyed one of the two best teams of the 1950s, Puskas' Hungary.

To this day, many international players of that West German team have died of liver disease (methamphetamines were produced and used at the time, especially harmful to the liver), and the team's roster has long been submerged in history. Only Puskas and the name of the Hungarian team are still bright, and together with Pele's Brazil, they supported the football sky in the 1950s.

Indeed, the doping rules were not clear at the time, so FIFA could not impose any additional penalties on Germany. But for those who preach how much German spirit the 54-year championship proves, the truth and that West German team played a joke on them. I'm afraid that any attempt to unearth a lot of brilliance here will not escape the result of begging for fish.

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