Please be kind to every miracle boy

Roselyn 2022-11-02 10:32:55

First of all I want to say that Bern is so beautiful. There are only two styles of painting in the film, one is a rural industrial city in Germany that recovered after the war, and the main color is black; the other is a beautiful Berne, the capital of Switzerland, with beautiful mountains and rivers. There are also two types of plot styles, German repression and Swedish passion. Looking at the commentators, they all say that the family sees the country. After the war, Germany's perseverance is reflected in the resolution of the contradictions of each reunited family. The killing and the lack of humanity that my father faced in the past 12 years had a great impact on my father. He refused to communicate emotionally with others, and he could no longer perceive others seriously, so he forced his relatives to do things according to their own ideas and carry out emotional violence. Father killed the rabbit. For the son, this rabbit is the object of his confidence, the sustenance of the soul, the rabbit will accept the son in vain, and the son can tell the rabbit all his troubles. The killing of the rabbit was undoubtedly a very big blow to my son. I've always been in favor of listening to children, and I've been deeply troubled by the lack of respect for children. Sometimes I think people can change, but they won't change. Dad's guilt made him better, and he finally found out how to love. Love is acceptance, tolerance, and endurance. Digression: The quality of the video this time is not very good, the soundtrack and the picture do not match, so the viewing experience is a bit limited. German is not easy to understand, and the plot at the beginning was a bit depressing, so when I watched it, I often lost my mind about the object. . . However, the passion for the next game completely brought me up.

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