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Overtime dogs who don't care about their families can really turn into dogs. Tom was addicted to his work, and he faced off with his partner in a late-night racing confrontation. He was involved in a car accident. The moment his soul disappeared, he came to a newborn milk dog. When the camera really turned to the milk-white face of Xiaodou, the film changed from the thrilling and suspenseful road wind at the beginning to the guide dog Q. It is estimated that the audience has been confused. Most of the movie is done by a few well-trained dogs. Speaking of training, the excellent and touching autonomous performance of dogs must not be ignored. Except for the usual close-up, standing looking at the camera, running and other habitual animal actors' essential performance skills, eavesdropping behind the door, thoughtful and affectionate , Feeling lost, staring with tears, looking back to say goodbye and other superb inner dramas, even a human actor is not lost at all. The superb acting skills of the dogs propped up the entire film. The dog and the human do not need dubbing and relying on the silent performance of the dog, which should be one of the reasons for the high score of the film. Due to paranoia, the protagonist destroyed himself regardless of the consequences, and finally woke up and decided to leave. It is not so much that he took his dog and gave up his happiness to others, it is better to say that Tom's unwilling soul finally let go. Life is too short, you can't be too serious, you have to learn to let go and give up, otherwise your soul will have nowhere to go, and your heart will never be at peace, so why bother. This sentimental human and dog love has not yet reached the last tenderness, and it did not let Tom lose his soul, but let it continue to be a dog atonement, free and happy. I don't know how many lives it will take to reincarnate. If there are endless births, what will happen if they return to human beings one day. Therefore, every animal may be a human in a previous life. A dog you see may really understand everything, because it is a human!

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Fluke quotes

  • Thomas P. Johnson: [about his wife and son] I loved them too much to get in the way of their happiness...

  • Rumbo: Hey. Hey! What's going on?

    Young Fluke: I guess I was dreaming.

    Rumbo: You were what?

    Young Fluke: Uh, dreaming. I was seeing pictures inside my head.

    Rumbo: Pictures ain't got no business being inside your head. Next time you just growl and chase 'em away.

    Young Fluke: Rumbo, have you always been a dog?

    Rumbo: What you talkin' about? What else could I have been?

    Young Fluke: I don't know. A human.

    Rumbo: A two-legger? Me?