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Since the French invasion of Algeria in 1830, the disputes between the two countries have never been interrupted. On September 19, 1958, a provisional government headed by Ferhat Abbas was established in Cairo, Egypt, and this provisional government has been recognized by many countries. France had to face the growing Algerian National Liberation Army.
The background of this film is based on this, and it can almost be regarded as Godard's most political film and the most directly confronting political reality. The pawn Bruno Forrester fled to Switzerland. In order to test his loyalty, he was assigned by the upper management of Paris to assassinate the great Alfonian figure Palivorda. Because of the reason that he was sent back to France, Bruno still wanted to go, despite various accidents. The plan was stranded, and because of his encounter with Veronica, he questioned his mission and found the courage to fight his own fears. He talked to her about his inner voice that could not be shared with others, about death, and about the soul. , about an unpredictable future.
He said, "I have a feeling of loneliness" because "the gun is black and mysterious", and this feeling of loneliness is often present in the separation of sound and picture that Godard loves, and the absent-minded narration is divorced from the present, the reality, the The pictures of the events that are going on develop into psychological activities with a certain length of events; at the same time, these narrations also lay a solid foundation for Bruno's inner disgust and resistance to political tasks. And she just smiled at her, didn't make any comments, just left her eternally beautiful, slightly melancholy eyes on the film, so her image was perpetuated.
Because he did not complete the assassination mission, Bruno suffered numerous tests and tortures. A calm and even calm voice-over appeared with various punishments, and even looked directly at the camera, "What is the advantage of death? Will not die again." His loneliness Becomes weary of life and freedom, and when he thinks of Veronica, pain seems to be less important.
At the end of the film, Bruno and Veronica have a ten-minute dialogue, and the camera in the room flows around the two. The long narrative is almost Godard's own declaration, talking about the difference between time and men and women, about suicide methods, and thinking that death is the Most importantly, it is full of reflection and philosophical thinking, and it is also possible to glimpse the plight of intellectuals in exploring the existence of life after World War II. Through Bruno's mouth, Godard expressed his "contempt". From the slogan "A single spark can start a prairie fire" to "If I kill him, I will be a loser", Veronica's appearance and existence is the key to his transformation, passing through Lake Lyman twice to create a separation in the form of time and space , which corresponds to the psychological transformation. Finally, he picked up the mysterious source of beauty, the gun, and carried out the assassination mission, but the ending has been changed.
How much Godard likes Anna Karina, every frown and smile is so touching!

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  • Veronica Dreyer: Is this all you brought?

    Bruno Forestier: Yes.

    Veronica Dreyer: I thought you'd need lights and...

    Bruno Forestier: No, no, no, no. This is very fast film. It's Agfa Record. When you photograph a face - look at me - you photograph the soul behind it.

  • Bruno Forestier: A foreign woman speaking French is always lovely.