The inner world of a terrorist

Kirsten 2022-07-04 16:41:32

Before watching this controversial 1960 Godard work, I heard two news on the news network - the Moscow bombing suspect has been captured and the Jakarta bombing has also been identified. It seems that terror is really close to everyone.
In the movie, we have always watched how the ruling class defeated the terrorists who tried to subvert the order, but there are too few really depicting the inner world of terrorists, perhaps because this description is too difficult and unfeasible, only Neil in memory. Jordan's "The Crying Game" and "Phil Collins", Hollywood's "Breaking the Dead Island" and this new wave master Godard's "Little Soldier".
In these films that deeply describe the psychology of terrorists, it is inevitable to beautify the terrorists to varying degrees, and may also arouse the audience's sympathy and question the regime's ideological propaganda. Godard's 1960 film was banned for 4 years in France and 6 years in the United States for these sensitive reasons. Today, in the climate of international anti-terrorism, this film is undoubtedly of great significance.
Perhaps in the world There are many ideal terrorists who are in an embarrassing situation like Bruno in the film. We have no way of knowing the life and heart of the terrorists, and we can't be sure that Godard's description of Bruno is the real situation of that part of the terrorists. To borrow what Bruno said in the film, "photos are real, movies are real at 24 frames per second", which Godard has always believed in, but we can't understand the truth of terrorists' lives and hearts. We don't know that they are engaged in such Whether the career is due to a real ideal or a necessary dilemma, just as Bruno in the film repeatedly emphasizes to Veronica that there are more important things than ideals, and there are many more.
Godard, the most daring revolutionary in the image, is in this film The most subversive of all of them appeared in the episode where PLN (probably an Arab organization) tortured Bruno. Bruno didn't even know why he was stubborn, not for ideals, but for face? He didn't know. This made me I think that many times I was stubborn, and I knew I was wrong. Not giving in and not changing would be bad for me or even the overall situation, but I still insisted. It is so difficult to soften the "stance", and the cause of this situation is more from beyond belief.
In addition, what left a deep impression was that in each of Bruno's dialogues, Godard arbitrarily added a large number of voice-overs suggesting the development of the protagonist's mind, and the camera always moved to scenes that had nothing to do with the performance of the scene. Bruno's response to Veronica When describing who's music is suitable for listening to, "Beethoven is suitable for late night because of its solemnity, and Haydn is suitable for early morning..."
I was thinking, Al Jazeera has such unique interview conditions, can they also make a real "movie" Is it true at 24 frames per second?

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