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Trying to sort out where the huge loneliness comes from after watching [Disappearance]:

After the world's first "mutation" in the first part of the film, what brought Ah Xu was doubts about his self-memory, whether the memories he once had were all Nan Ke Yimeng (after all, there was something similar to "Dream-Reality" in [Melancholy Ⅵ]. Indistinguishable experience), and I have always been a person living in the current world, just amnesia. As the film draws to a close, everything seems to be over. Akatsuki and Nagato have a conversation on the rooftop. If they haven't read the original book, I think they are the only ones who know what happened. The "disappearance incident" happened and ended quickly in just a few days, which made Ah Xu have some doubts about the memory of the "adventure" in the past few days. Is this incident that only an ordinary person remembers without circumstantial evidence? It actually happened (still a change after waking up). Especially the eerily peaceful ending (notice Nagato's absence!) , and the tragic nature of the whole "disappearance". These two questions about reliability in Axu's memory (of course they are reliable, but as a third person who experienced this with Axu Nagato, must have the same feeling), formed the basis for my strong sense of loneliness.

After watching a work that I like very much, I will definitely recall the details of watching it. In the past, these works were all live-action movies, and it was the first time that such animated and feature-length (duration + viewing days) works were. When I look back on live-action movies, I think of images of the real world, and there will be an illusion that I have some connection with them; but this time, looking back at those images that do not belong to this world (the meaning of the second dimension), suddenly I feel like my feet are hanging in the air, and I feel like I have no one to rely on for this 42-day journey. Where am I?

About Nagato Yuki:

Whether it is the 14 chapters of the 06 edition or the three new chapters of the 09 edition, Nagato Yuki is the pinnacle of the SOS group, and the number of times she has used her abilities to solve problems is probably too many to count. And to me, her most powerful strength is to transcend time, whether it is [Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody] or [Endless August], she is standing in the position of an infinitely retreating observer, time In her eyes, the most awe-inspiring thing in human beings is nothing but a toy. Combining the expressionless and taciturn image, she is like a black hole in the entire TV part, absorbing information from the outside world at will, and without worrying about side effects, even people like Haruhi Suzumiya who do not know about Nagato's ability Dependent on her too. The simplest description of [disappearance] is to pull out the needle of the sea god. This is the same as the "completion in the brain" in the latter part of Axu. If he does not get rid of his dependence on Nagato Yuki, there will always be unfinished problems. So part of the loneliness after watching it also comes from this, we always have to move forward by ourselves.

As Nagato Yuki, my favorite character in film history, it is necessary for me to talk about my feelings for her throughout the viewing process. Presumably like most people, Nagato was a cult-like obsession while watching the TV section. She is omniscient and omnipotent, but she is also very cute. When the other four members of the SOS group were noisy, she read quietly by the side. I think she is both the background board and the most eye-catching one. This attribute probably peaked in [Endless August] and remained until [Sigh], [Day of Sagittarius], and [Someday in the Rain]. In this sense, [Disappearance]'s disintegration of Nagato Yuki can be called cheating, and it cannot fail to cause an emotional impact on the audience. But this change of opinion does not deny our true feelings when watching TV, because A Xu also sees it this way, and Nagato also sees it this way, everything is "eternal progress".

In the TV part, because she didn't know Nagato's true thoughts, the apparent "pure" covered up the real "impure"; when she decided to change the reality in [Disappearance], all the things swallowed by the "black hole" were released. The expression ("impure") that appears on the surface is precisely the realization of "pure"; and in the end, everything returns to the original point, and Akuro (and us) can see the innermost feelings from Nagato's still calm face. things, and thus achieve "pureness". However, the tragedy is that she caught up with everything but only took a small step forward for her own destiny (perhaps a tiny deformation means infinity for an absolute rigid body?).

If the TV part only provides us with a single powerful aspect of Nagato, and "disappearance" forces us to get rid of her worship, then Nagato was returned to us after "disappearance", but "powerful" does not Furthermore, we must rediscover our relationship with Nagato. Perhaps the greatness of [Disappearance] and Nagato Yuki lies in the illusion of tearing apart appearances, forcing us to touch the seemingly terrifying reality to create "Nagato", and the infinite future will be generated in it like a perpetual motion machine .

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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya quotes

  • Kyon: That's the way it is. I prefer the original world after all. This one just doesn't suit me. I'm sorry, Nagato. I prefer the Nagato I've known up till now over you. Also, you look better without glasses.

    Yuki Nagato: What are you talking about?

    Kyon: Nagato. Return it to normal. Return yourself to normal. If you ask, I'll help you. You don't have to use that power to forcefully change things. It was fine the way it was.

    Mikuru Asahina: Kyon-kun... It's pointless. This Nagato-san is completely powerless. She's just... a normal girl.

    Kyon: [takes out a gun and points it at Nagato] ... Sorry.

    Mikuru Asahina: Watch out, Kyon-kun!

    Ryoko Asakura: [stabs Kyon in the back with a knife] ... I can't allow you to hurt Nagato-san.

    Kyon: [thinks] What on earth... What on earth is this...

    Ryoko Asakura: [giggles and then pulls out the knife and blood splatters everywhere] ...

    Kyon: [falls down on the ground yells]


    Kyon: It hurts... it hurts!

    [looks on his hand which is covered in blood]

    Kyon: [thinks] It hurts! It hurts!

    Yuki Nagato: [falls down to her knees in shock] ...

    Kyon: [thinks] It hurts! It hurts!

    Yuki Nagato: [looks at Asakura] Asakura-san...

    Ryoko Asakura: [giggles and then walks up to Nagato] That's right, Nagato-san. I'm here for you.

    [looks at her]

    Ryoko Asakura: I'll eliminate anything that threatens you.

    [gets close to her and touches her chin]

    Ryoko Asakura: That's the reason I was created.

    Yuki Nagato: [goes back a bit and yells] ...

    Ryoko Asakura: [stands up] After all...

    Yuki Nagato: [looks at her] ...

    Ryoko Asakura: [swings the knife so blood splatters on Nagato's face] That's what you wished for... right?

    Kyon: [thinks] No way. There's no way she would wish for that... Nagato's anomalous behavior...

    Ryoko Asakura: [looks at Kyon and walks next him] ...

    Kyon: [thinks] She must have created an aberrant Asakura too. That's all. She must be Nagato's shadow...

    Ryoko Asakura: [gets down to her knees] Let me send you off. You just need to die. You're causing distress to Nagato-san.

    [hits Kyon on his wound]

    Kyon: [yells] ...

    Ryoko Asakura: Does it hurt? Relish the taste, because it's going to be the last sensation you feel in this life.

    [takes the knife and gets ready to stab in slow-motion]

    Yuki Nagato: [grabs the knife before it hits Kyon] ...

  • Ryoko Asakura: Why are you... How...

    [falls over]

    Kyon: [thinks] It feels like I've seen this scene before... Crap... I'm getting sleepy...

    Mikuru Asahina: [both versions of Mikuru runs over to Kyon] No, Kyon-kun! Stay with us! I'm sorry, Kyon-kun! Please stay with us! I should have known...

    Kyon: [thinks] That hurts, both you Asahina-sans... Both? Oh, I see... This is a flashback. It's cold. My blood won't stop... Crap. I'm going to die.

    Kyon: [alternate version of Kyon takes the gun and points it at the original Kyon] Sorry, I could have helped out but I held back. Don't worry though, it hurt for me, too.

    Kyon: [original Kyon thinks] Who is that? I don't understand...

    Kyon: [alternate Kyon] We'll deal with it from here. You just sleep.

    Kyon: [original Kyon closes eyes and thinks] Ah... damn... Nagato.