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Jared 2022-09-19 19:27:56

A whole coherent novel in the original novel, uniquely sudden and dramatic, and at the current stage of animation development, it is really appropriate to make a theatrical version.
My understanding of this story is the further sublimation of Xu's feelings for Haruhi, and at the same time, it is also based on the journey of Youxi's heart (of course, it is only the background, poor Nagato Daimon o(>﹏
Personal understanding of the revelation of this story: in the upside-down In the later world, people are more able to discover their own hearts...
Although the main theme is the tangled and ambiguous feelings between Xu and Haruhi, it also reveals the mutual affection between the five protagonists. Xu is a person who cannot clearly perceive his own emotions. The idiot, although he has always been in love with 1096, although he has always regarded Youxi as a god who can save everything, although he has always (pretend to be) disgusted and constantly complaining about it is the crazy Haruhi, but he only has sincerity from the bottom of his heart. Emotional, only Haruhi! Yuki has been silent for a long time. In fact, he has a good impression of and reliance on modesty. Of course, 1096 is more obvious. The clumsy gesture and jerky expression are very cute>
Let's talk about the characters. Haruhi with long hair is really beautiful and gentle (this Because Mao is not reflected on the poster of the theater version) Asakura, who is not a murderer, is actually quite likable. I can't forget the delicious oden she made in the novel~ The shy glasses girl has Xi Meng and 1096 some fights~ Koizumi Kazuo Not much has changed, and I don’t have too many feelings~

From the animation itself, Jingani insists on high-level production that is loyal to the original work, with precise rhythm control, good foreshadowing, and thorough contrast. The BGM when the plot progresses is really moving. Soul-stirring ~ So I’m still very satisfied to watch it~~

Finally, it’s a purely personal complaint ╭(╯.╰)╮For
Mao, all three women like to be false?! What’s the matter with Mao! Tucao men not only experience all the ups and downs The first protagonist has such good luck! What is Koizumi's character designed for? Is it just to balance the yin and yang? After all, he is very handsome and personable~ Is this the way of light novels? Don't you hate Koizumi's type? Or have you suffered from the shadow of such a character?

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