Leaving is also a fulfillment

Marques 2022-09-16 17:06:14

I watched it on Tudou.com. It’s an old movie. The picture quality is so bad that I couldn’t see anything clearly for the first three minutes. I almost closed the video.
It's okay, just almost; okay, I'm so bored; okay, Tom the dog is cute; okay, Rambo's voice (Samuel L. Jackson's voice) makes me feel warm. So, enduring a bit of a blurry picture, I insisted on watching the whole film.
It turns out that foreign countries also believe in the so-called karma, reincarnation. It's just that he was reincarnated into a dog with the memory of his previous life. After being captured by a shelter, taken in by a stray grandmother, Lanbo's survival guide, and the danger of being captured by an underground laboratory, I don't know if it was fortunate or unfortunate? Fortunately, Americans don't eat dogs, otherwise what would it feel like? How can this movie continue?
In the face of his wife and children, it is 'I love you hard to say in my heart', and I can only guard silently. In the face of friends who think they are enemies, I just want to take revenge. Hehe, it's just that at the end, all the memories of the previous life come back again. This ending is really a big reversal, which is unimaginable. I thought Tom would stay, but I don't know how he can bear his wife and friends together, and his son calls his friends Dad; however, he chose to leave, I believe, this is also the best ending. More importantly, Rambo is back, although, I don't like Rambo turning into a squirrel at all, but as long as he and Tom can meet again, still friends, everything is enough.
The dog's acting skills are amazing, those eyes can really talk, and that expression is really cute. More than 90 minutes of play, family love and friendship, causal cycle, dealing with people, changing perspectives, etc., I am surprised, such a good film, why there are so few comments? Is the movie really too old?
PS: In one scene, in the laboratory, when Rambo rescued Tom and many other animals, a puppy was kept in a high cage and did not dare to jump down to escape. An orangutan pushed over the stool and went up to hold it down. Then he kept holding the puppy and ran away; Lanbo was shot, but he continued to hold on until he took Tom, who was blindfolded, to a safe place. Humans can’t help each other in times of crisis. Think about it, are humans not as good as animals?

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