Warm version of suspect tracking

Gabe 2022-09-19 21:54:38

When I saw about 18 episodes, I was thinking, is this show going to be for the free thinking of the American people, and the expression of the pursuit of freedom continues to collapse. After all, many American dramas collapse like this, that is, this person thinks this way, that person thinks that way, but the audience basically knows who is the one with the problem in reason, but the free consciousness is there, just want to give me a mouthful of screenwriters I feel that I can show the pursuit of democracy, freedom and gender equality.

I let myself breathe a sigh of relief, and it still came back round at the back, and it didn't collapse. After all, this drama is not bad among the recent new dramas. Occasionally watching it, there will be a warm feeling overflowing from it. The process of unraveling the misunderstandings with the participation of the protagonists made me think a lot, about my own life and about their own lives. There is a sense of pleasure in watching other people constantly improve their lives, constantly resolve the contradictions in their lives, make their pursuits more pure, and make their own direction clearer, and that is also the direction they are pursuing. .

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