why is it so hard to believe

Joannie 2022-09-19 19:59:42

The male protagonist Miles is an atheist. One day he was walking on the road, his FB rang, and someone wanted to add him as a friend.

That person is called "God", and his head is a cloud in the sky

Miles couldn't believe it, raised his phone to the sky, the picture was the cloud in front of him!

So the story begins here. After passing through his friends, Miles began to continuously receive friend recommendations from "God", and these people unexpectedly appeared in Miles' life, and his intervention helped miraculously. them.

I love that quote from Miles' dad:

Faith does not have to be religion, it is your past and present actions and beliefs. When you are sure of what you want, everything will come naturally.

Miles' story is over, but a new one is about to begin, I think what we should pay attention to is not "why God chose Miles", but "what did Miles do after he was chosen by God" → he acted, he Believe, so it happened.

What actions do we take when we meet God?

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