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Flavio 2022-09-19 23:12:25

, I just made this picture myself and wanted to upload it to the stills, but I found that I couldn't upload it and changed it to a short comment. I just want to keep this picture.

Here's my moaning

In fact, there has always been an endless entanglement in my heart. It was probably solved by me the day before yesterday. To be honest, the harm between people is always continuous and lasting. People who can be healed and self-healing are happiness and harm me. Realize that happiness is just a word

It took me too long to struggle and struggle in the past, to reflect on my own faults, to find faults in others, and to try to relieve my pain and ease my emotions. Later, I realized that the person who holds the cactus and does not let go is not stubborn or a fool, but a habit I'm used to enduring this kind of pain. This feeling really exists in my life. People waiting for a boat at the airport are used to waiting.

Finally, one day, I'm healed, no more piercing thorns, no endless disappointment and waiting, only love, softness, and warmth, but suddenly having these is not reassuring, but very uneasy, so I start to use up all kinds of nasty things Ways to push aside Since I never had it, I doubt that I have it now. It’s all an illusion. This is the person whose sense of security has been destroyed, right?

Wish me a speedy recovery and a happy life

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