He trusts us

Blaze 2022-09-19 21:09:25

I listened to a sharing this morning and shared one of the amazing things I was very touched: I actually saw this sentence yesterday about Jesus trusting us sentence. This drama tells the process of how God transforms an atheist (God constantly pushes some people in need to him through social software, and let him help others at the same time to know God) I just saw this sentence yesterday. Have you ever wondered why Jesus should trust us? Then yesterday I saw the story of a pair of sisters in the center: the sister was alcoholic and the sister asked her to go to the alcoholism meeting. Then the younger sister has been living in remorse and she has been unable to recover. She believes that her sister hated herself at the last moment of her life. In the end, she learned from the hero that her sister had climbed out of the car at that time. It was because she loved her sister that she rescued her and caused the car to explode. She exchanged her own death for her sister's life, and she cheered up again. It is very shocking that the story in my play actually points to the love and trust of Jesus Christ in us, so that we can exchange our own life for our faith in Him! This trust comes from the fact that we are still in the womb This trust comes from more than 2000 years ago! Great morning sharing. The only way we can give back our trust in Him is to tell others about God's love and trust in us!

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