Krista 2022-07-15 17:11:01

There were a lot of things to say, but when I started writing, I didn't know where to start.

Just bookmarked Ye Guanfeng's blog, because his comment wrote my thoughts. michale said he wouldn't leave Brenda and that would be as irresponsible as his father. He didn't choose to slam the door out, at that moment, he became a real man!

The hardships of life may only be deeply appreciated by those who are in it. Therefore, we cherish the happiness in front of us more.

Brenda was successful as a mother, I think. A child's personality and future are largely determined directly by the influence of the parents. Therefore, if one day in the future, you become the mother of a child, no matter whether you are poor or rich, you must teach Brenda the same way. Since you gave birth to him, you must be responsible for him and make him a man like michale.

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Meet the Browns quotes

  • Brenda Brown: I can pay you back now... for all you did for us. The house, the move, everything.

    Harry: You don't get it, do you?

    Brenda Brown: Get what?

    Harry: I didn't do all of that so you could pay me back.

    Brenda Brown: I'm sorry. I'm just so used to being taken advantage of and...

    Harry: Yeah, that you don't even know when somebody loves you!

    Brenda Brown: Love me?

    Harry: Yeah. Tell Mike I said congratulations.

    Brenda Brown: Hey, what if I told you I love you too? But I got scared for a second, but I'd rather be scared and with you than be not scared and not have you.

    Harry: Why would I scare you?

    Brenda Brown: 'Cause you're everything I always wanted in a man.

    Harry: Then let me be that for you.

  • Lena: Mommy, I like the clown.