In a world where Haruhi Suzumiya disappeared, what can we do?

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In a world where Haruhi Suzumiya disappeared, what can we do?

In this world, there are no SOS groups that look for magical events all day long, no humanoid terminals made by information-integrated missing bodies, no future people and superpowers, only bad friends who eat together at noon, quiet and shy literary girls, lovely schoolgirls Sister, and countless normal and normal people, this is a normal world, this is a world without Haruhi Suzumiya, and this is our world.

Is there anything wrong with the normal world? There are no aliens, people from the future, people from other worlds, people with superpowers, who will not be involved in all kinds of strange events, and live a life that is calm and new day after day. But from the bottom of my heart, I still hope that this world is a little different, even if there is a little hope, just like knowing that the "nearby" in NASA's mouth is tens of millions of light-years away, I would rather be a Zentraedi battleship or be able to catch it. Hitchhiking Vogon ships.

However, we can only believe that this world is as normal as the world reconstructed by Nagato Daimyo. We were thrown here for no reason like Jonghyun. What's worse, we have nowhere to go back to the world where Suzumiya is. But it is gratifying that in this world, finding the right key, whether it is a key event or a key person, will still change, even if it is only for oneself. There are no aliens, there are always people who like to look up at the stars just like you, take the stars as their destination, and be amazed at the subtlety of this universe. It is also possible that there is no future person, otherwise you leave a note now, and let the descendants with time machines come to this time and space, and they will come right away. But you can also find people who are entangled in the chaos of the time-space distortion timeline, seriously consider the risk of crossing, and make adequate preparations. People from other worlds, if the two-dimensional space is counted, then they have already been integrated into our world and affect all aspects. We fell in love with football and basketball because of the football boy slam dunk. We grew up with Harry Potter and found that we were able to take care of everything by ourselves. We talked about the head of Nobita Seiya and this Fang Asuka, familiar with everything about them, as if for many years Friends in general. When I hear the "Long wait!" when the head of the group enters the door, I will silently reply "Long time no see", until the last screen of the movie appears, there will be a feeling of "Let me stay in that world for a while", although we are not For them, they are people from another world who really cannot understand. As for superpowers, I believe that, like magic, brilliant technology will make it come true, and technology will always bring us beyond our imagination. The real technocrats are superpowers who are as hidden as Koizumi. So we don't have to bother to go to the world of Suzumiya. When we know that "the world can still be like that", this world is different for us. When we are looking for aliens and future people, perhaps the companions we meet are more valuable.

It seems that the world is not so bad anymore, the most important thing is to find the SOS group to which you belong. There will make you look forward to every time you open the door. You will feel warm when you see those familiar figures, and you can taste delicious food from time to time. Even if you are busy, you have high-profile discussions, rants and cuteness, and solve problems together. , there are a lot of activities. When I see the members of the SOS group, I believe that they are hidden among the ordinary people around us. Under the leadership of the leader-like figure, they will leave traces of their past with a series of unusual experiences, even if they want to come back later. It is so ignorant and ignorant, and it is also a memory that cannot be forgotten. So, Captain Suzumiya, since this world doesn't have you, let us make this world more lively and interesting!

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