September 11 "Meet the Browns"

Kianna 2022-10-08 13:48:21

Very good black movie, sometimes it looks a bit like the female version of "When Happiness Comes Knocking", life is always very hard, especially people living in the lower classes are always trying to get a better life comfort and always Brenda's mother was a prostitute, had been with three different men, was a single mother of three, was unemployed, and she Always understand that you must live with true backbone, never go to bed with a man for money, never let your child sell drugs for money, and never bow down to a neighbor’s wife for the child’s foster care. Such a dignified mother deserves God’s care, "Never get tired of the right things, because in the end you will be rewarded." In fact, a lot of times in the movie, just touching a heavy topic, it will use a comedy way to resolve the lightness. This is how life should be, and some things can be done and done. If something is wrong, there is an opportunity to correct it. Some things have no chance to be corrected. Many things in the world are like black and white eyes. There are only right and wrong. Everything else is an excuse. And the courage to correct mistakes, if you don't want to correct, you must learn to take on the lost courage, the correct values ​​are always correct.

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Meet the Browns quotes

  • Brenda Brown: I can pay you back now... for all you did for us. The house, the move, everything.

    Harry: You don't get it, do you?

    Brenda Brown: Get what?

    Harry: I didn't do all of that so you could pay me back.

    Brenda Brown: I'm sorry. I'm just so used to being taken advantage of and...

    Harry: Yeah, that you don't even know when somebody loves you!

    Brenda Brown: Love me?

    Harry: Yeah. Tell Mike I said congratulations.

    Brenda Brown: Hey, what if I told you I love you too? But I got scared for a second, but I'd rather be scared and with you than be not scared and not have you.

    Harry: Why would I scare you?

    Brenda Brown: 'Cause you're everything I always wanted in a man.

    Harry: Then let me be that for you.

  • Lena: Mommy, I like the clown.