A policeman's transformation from evil to good----"Dangerous Edge"

Stefan 2022-10-23 13:19:27

I knew that Nicholas Ray wouldn't be an honest cop movie, and sure enough, Jeopardy turned out to be a morality movie.

Police - Due to the nature of the profession, it is easy to suffer from occupational diseases. For example, like violence, suspicious of others, and eccentric personality. The protagonist is such a character. He was too deep into it, unlike his colleagues who had a family and a family, and left the world of sin immediately after work---- his wife and children were hot on the kang head, he was alone, and he could only take pleasure in catching prisoners all day long. Psychologically distorted, and irritated the suspect. The result finally led to serious consequences and became the defendant. The boss told him to avoid the limelight and go to a remote village to investigate a very simple murder case, and he went alone.

Unexpectedly, this case-handling experience turned out to be his journey of psychotherapy. The offender's sister is blind. She said that her brother is not at home, and her spirit is not very good. She has only one relative to depend on. Seeing this poor family, he was moved by his kind sister, who promised her not to hurt her brother when she was arrested. Unfortunately, things backfired. The father of the murdered girl who came with him must kill his younger brother with his own hands.

In fact, the younger brother was hidden in the cellar by the elder sister. The police also guessed and found out. He avoided the angry father, found his younger brother, and persuaded him to disarm and surrender, but unfortunately the following father rushed over. Finally, in the fierce fight, his brother fell off the cliff and died. The angry father, seeing his corpse, said with a face full of regret: "He's still just a child." The elder sister, who was disabled and determined, wiped her brother's body cleanly and prayed for him, but refused again. Filled with guilty pity, the police forgave him and let him go. On the way back to the city, the policeman remembered what his blind sister said to him, "Sometimes people who are never alone are the loneliest. Most lonely people try to figure it out, about loneliness." ....

Nicholas Ray is such a director who pays attention to human nature. Any plot revolves around human nature and serves to describe human nature. Through the transformation of a stinky and tough policeman's character, and his transformation from dark despair to hope of love, he tells us that the world needs to be defended with kindness, not suppressed with violence.

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  • Mary Malden: [approvingly, to Jim] When you talk to me there's no pity in your voice.

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