"Dandong" and Gentleman's Politics

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The poster of "Dandong" is cool, the movie is not so cool. A bunch of excitable, tousled-haired people clamoring, kind of like that.

"Dandong" is about the fact that Dandong was beheaded in the French Revolution. It is a bit more advanced, and it is a matter of revolutionary alienation.

How would Robespierre feel if there was a scene in the film—a little boy reciting the Declaration of Human Rights in front of Robespierre's bed? Are you aware that what you are doing is a departure from the creed, or are you determined to defend the creed with the necessary evil? Just like the mother of a little boy, using the palm of your hand to force her son to remember the "Declaration of Human Rights".

In the film, Danton is a moderate and rational party, and his faction is fiercely opposed to the terrorist politics of Robespierre's faction. But Dandong is firmly opposed to using a coup to solve the problem, and he does not want to see new violence replace old violence. Dandong believes in public opinion and the National Convention. He and his ideas are indeed supported by the majority, and Robespierre is indeed afraid.

The enemy has the enemy's weapons. First, the Robespierres have the right to send the Dandongs to the controlled revolutionary court; secondly, they concoct a "Dandong faction conspiracy" and use the tried-and-tested fear to let the National Association, the highest authority in solidarity with Dandong, silence.

Robespierre stands on the opposite side of Dandong. In the movie, it seems that it should be fierce, cruel, and cunning, but compared with Dandong, who lives in a mansion and has young female companions, Robespierre, who lives with self-discipline, is more in line with the world's morality towards revolutionary leaders. Require. Robespierre wants Dandong's head to fight for the right, and more of the two people's ideas are drifting away.

Dandong was pushed to the guillotine to be benevolent. He was the founder of the guillotine and the founder of the revolutionary court. When a king's head is cut off, there is no one whose head cannot be cut off. The guillotine engulfed the object of the revolution, and later, it was the revolutionary leader's turn.

Revolution, innovation, or just a power struggle, if there is no red line that all parties keep silently, it will often increase the weight and increase the weight, move towards alienation, and move towards ashes. In the late Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Chunren of the old party opposed the relegation of members of the new party to remote and smoky places, fearing that his group would one day be attacked more severely. Of course, his vision was not adopted by his spirited peers. The old and new party struggle is not purely about who can make Da Song better. The Northern Song Dynasty ended with the shame of Jingkang.

Among the feathers in one place, the French Revolution ushered in a new emperor. The Continental Revolution followed the American Revolution, and the leaders of the French Revolution included heroes of the North American Revolutionary War, but the trends of the two revolutions were quite different. The Lafayette, who stood at the peak of his life twice in two revolutions, his rationality reflected the figures of the dukes of the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention. In the turbulent revolution, his rationality was out of time, and he quickly turned from a trend-setter to tomorrow's day. France would have to oscillate between republic and monarchy for many years.

In the New World, the new order was established relatively smoothly, with stability and vitality. Although the congenital conditions are different - after the overthrow of the king's government, France has a power center gap that is difficult to fill; the thirteen North American colonies had no power center, but two conventions, 749 members of the National Convention (Convention Nationale) have always lacked 55 Philadelphia Constitutionalists The magnanimity of delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Delegates to the Philadelphia Constituent Convention not only enjoyed long years, but also left Zepi's political legacy today. Looking back at Danton and Robespierre, who were all over the National Convention for a while, their angry expressions, agitated speeches, and waving arms, the more vigorous they were, the closer Napoleon's ascension to the throne was.

Gentleman politics, seemingly pedantic, is actually the best strategy for all parties in the game.

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