Documentary with frequent golden sentences

May 2022-09-20 23:48:15

I generally don't like documentaries with such obvious tendencies, but many viewpoints are very pleasing.

Rightist argument: You call them the rich, I call them job creators. How can we keep the economy growing while raising tax on job creators?

Leftist company CEO replies: When somebody calls themselves job creators, they are not describing the economy, or how the economy works, although it sounds like so. What they're really doing is making a claim on status, privilege and power.

The most unfair thing about working here is the tax system. The maximum tax rate for capital gain and carried interest is 15%, while the income tax for ordinary people is basically 30%. The tax rates paid by C-suite and capital market investors are much lower than wages, not to mention the huge tax base. It's a pity that the rich people's cake is too big to move. People can only spread the fire on immigrants and foreign enterprises. As long as the capital gain tax rate is increased a little, how many education and medical problems can be solved.

When you give the rich business people tax breaks in the name of job creation, all that really happens is that the fat cats get fatter.

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