Revolution and Dictatorship

Wayne 2022-07-06 09:30:57

This is a very rational film that focuses on depicting characters and reflects on the French Revolution. After watching it, my mood settles down.
What is the meaning of revolution? Are Democracy and Dictatorship Just One Step Away?
The significance of the French Revolution is definitely not as simply described in history textbooks. Any revolution in any era will bring shocks. In the shocks, disorder will wash away the order, just like the guillotine is washed away by blood, the revolution is the most radical change in the social structure. , it is a double-edged sword, hitting a group of people, maybe pointing at yourself. Danton wants to safeguard the interests of the people he represents, while Robespierre wants to safeguard the interests of the other camp, Robespierre is not a butcher in my opinion, he is just an ideal revolutionary, in the bloody atmosphere of the revolution He became more and more cruel, and more and more deviated from the original intention of the revolution. The moment Dandong's head fell to the ground, he covered his head with a white cloth, like a shroud. In history, he and Dandong both died on the guillotine of the French Revolution.
At the end of the film, the housekeeper's younger brother recites Robespierre's revolutionary ideas. In his subjective feeling, these words have strayed from his soul.
I have seen Bichner's "The Death of Danton". This French-Polish co-produced film focuses on history from the perspective of the French, and lacks the peculiar speculative spirit of the Germans.
If we want to understand the history of France and the attitude towards democracy and revolution in the West, this film is worth watching.
The acting skills of the two leading actors are so good, they deserve to be the best movie stars.

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