Expressionist Works by Orson Welles

Lola 2022-07-04 23:48:38

Is it the temptation of a witch? Is it his wife's instigation? A victim of that politically chaotic age? Or the loser in the battle between good and evil in his own humanity? Or both? What was the tragedy of Macbeth and his wife's life? It seems that Shakespeare didn't want to tell us a definite answer either. He just let his readers think for themselves, which may be the eternal charm of Shakespeare's works!
Going back to the movie itself, I have to say N times that Orson Welles is a genius! The music with an epic atmosphere, the perfect, expressionistic black and white light and shadow effects and the lens language full of metaphors give the film a ceremonial, dark, mysterious, and even terrifying flavor. The actor's performance is also almost perfect! Especially the Macbeth played by Orson Welles and Mrs. Macbeth played by Jeanette Nolan, they really achieved the unity of actors and actresses! ) Yes, it aroused my desire to watch the original, like many movies based on excellent literary masterpieces.
I always feel that Orson Welles should not belong to Hollywood. His strong humanistic feelings always seem to be unpopular among American audiences. (Like this movie and Citizen Kane) Only time will do justice, it finally proves that Macbeth is yet another underrated masterpiece!

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