a confusing movie

Maddison 2022-07-07 13:07:03

The wives of two zoologists have died in a traffic accident caused by a swan.
They feel that there is some mysterious cause and effect in it, and they cannot imagine their wives rotting in the dirt.
So they started photographing the decaying process of various objects.
On the other side, they haunt the woman who was in the car with their wife but survived with only one leg amputated.
The woman begins by telling them allegorically: Once upon a time there was a prostitute who had her legs amputated, and she was popular because her mutilated body was well suited for unhindered love. On the day she died, people began to debate whether she should have a long coffin or a short one; in the end, she was buried with prosthetic legs.
I rambled on to elicit what this woman was about to say: I was a one-legged queen in a kingdom of fat ass. And the woman in the story, all the wonderful things in the body will disappear and only a pair of prosthetic legs will be left.
The two grieving men continue to be obsessed with their filming of the rot (is it sadness?)
and reveal to the woman the fact that they are conjoined twins. They lay on either side of her in a relationship that was predestined from birth. Listen to her introduce her daughter, whom she named Beta, the second pronunciation of the Greek alphabet, because she plans to have 26 children as many as the alphabet. They correct her original mistake, there are only 23 Greek letters. Her dream was doomed from the very beginning.
They continued to search for the body for filming and finally found her. She said, but I'm only half. They consoled her: it would fit better in the frame. Women die in self-deprecating laughter: My epitaph must be good, here lies a body cut out for a frame.
But in the end they still didn't shoot her. Large white curtains fluttered outside the window. The characters don't seem to be sad at all.
But in the end they chose their own bodies. Lying on the zebra striped stage with the machines set up, they thoughtfully inject potions to each other, and their last words were: The floor seems too hard.
I sat motionless in the dark waiting for their amazing ending for me. I'm really unwilling to have no clue about the whole process of the film. According to my usual speculation, the clueless process usually implies a profound ending.
So the results are amazing. The entire stage was filled with amazing snails. They wriggled around, crawled into electrical plugs and caused short circuits, and in the early morning wilderness, the machine finally stopped its glorious shooting, and no one could see the process they wanted to show on their own.

There was another episode where the woman suddenly told them one day that her other leg was going to die because it was so lonely. Many things in the biological world are symmetrical, even the nostrils are two. Why are they two? No one knows, just like no one knows what the piece of meat that connects them is called. There are a lot of parts that haven't been defined yet but that doesn't mean they're useless. In order to produce even numbers, there must be an odd number between them.
It's just that she still didn't keep the odd-numbered legs, because they were born with even-numbered legs, and the loss of one would only lead to a sad and lonely death of the other. So to comfort her, they released a rhino from ZOO to make her happy. And ZOO is also wonderful, it consists of a Z and two Os.
So the name of this film is also called "A ZED & TWO NOUGHTS"

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