Aftermath of Wife Bereavement

Gloria 2022-07-07 23:42:46

Greenaway's works always have a lot of symmetrical compositions and music that perfectly fits the rhythm of the shots to show a solemn, solemn sense of ceremony. And this sense of ritual can be said to be the ultimate in this film, a ritual about death, the last ritual of life. At the same time, dirty, anti-ethical, food and sex, death instinct, physical discomfort, these Greenaway signs are also readily available, this film can be described as a collection of Greenaway elements, people who like him will naturally have an intracranial orgasm. In addition, a large number of inserted explanations of life evolution, life science and other knowledge in this film also reminded me of "My American Uncle" by Alan Resnais.

The scene begins with two children pulling a dog towards the zoo, but the dog struggles in the opposite direction. It does not want to enter this "place of desecration of animals", which is the palace of human hegemony and an animal concentration camp, but in the face of death, Man and beast rot slowly, and there is no pride to speak of. The big blue ZOO logo is extremely conspicuous. As the film progresses, Z loses its light, and two O's remain, and then only one O's left... The loneliness of loss of symmetry begins to permeate. A car accident caused by a swan has claimed the wives of two zoologist brothers who were once conjoined twins but were separated by modern hospital technology. In the modern rational concept, conjoined twins are deformities and freaks, so human beings are arrogant above nature and transform natural things. Afterwards, they often came to the hospital to visit the female driver who survived the accident but lost a leg. They questioned the female driver about the cause of the accident and got to the bottom of it. But while mourning the loss of their wives, they became obsessed with observing and recording corrupt things, such as apples and shrimps that had been bitten off, and then even bought crocodile carcasses from the zoo and stolen zebra carcasses. The camera slowly deteriorates, grows maggots, and rots, just like their dead wives. The twinkling lights and taxidermy of plants and animals in the dimly lit studio made one shudder. The zebra is also constantly mentioned in the film. The prostitute talks to the man who lost his legs in the zoo about the origin of Z and the English word Zebra. At the same time, the two brothers had an ambiguous relationship with the woman with the broken leg, and they even began to imagine the marriage between humans and animals, such as letting the woman with the broken leg marry a swan...... The animal nature slowly awakens in the observation of animal corpses, breaking the confinement. The other foot of the woman with the broken leg was slowly decaying and hurting her spine because of her loneliness. She ended up amputating the other leg, and the two brothers sat symmetrically on either side of the woman's bed, kissed goodbye to the amputated leg, and completed 3P after the woman's surgery. Two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two hands, two legs, just like the OO in ZOO, the double symmetry is God's masterpiece. The woman amputated her legs and returned to symmetry, and the two brothers longed to return to being conjoined and become a masterpiece. A zoo manager who lost his legs told a woman he broke his legs while trying to rape a pregnant white horse. After giving birth to twins who do not know who, the woman with the broken leg died on the bed in the music, and died under the gaze of the two brothers who were sitting symmetrically on both sides of the bed. The two wanted to film the process of the woman's decay, but be rejected. In the end, the two brothers turned the camera on themselves. The two took off their clothes, injected poison, and died symmetrically in front of their camera. They used their lives to complete the final research, but a large number of snails broke the camera... ....the bodies of the two people were covered with snails, they sacrificed for themselves, and after a period of abnormal life process, they ended the "wives' bereavement sequelae" by suicide.

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