Conflict is everywhere

Hellen 2022-10-23 08:14:24

This film is linked to "The Stealing Oneself", which further exposes the domestic social contradictions in the United States. However, income inequality is inevitable in any country, and it is unclear whether China's tax system can guarantee enough fairness.
Women work, extend working hours, and the loan system. These ways of dealing with the unequal increase in wages and prices are for a better life. The desire for material cannot be eliminated. For me today, savings, housing, marriage and a wife, and buying a car , a mountain is pressing in front of me, where to go, at least I feel that I am now facing the reality that wages and prices are not equal.
Shorty has great wisdom. I think he may not be as successful in China as he is in the United States. What is the problem with China? So there is no absolute good social form. All I can do is, like an unhatched chick, admiring every scene in the garden of life in the eggshell, when will the opportunities in life appear?

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