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[Originally, I wrote a lot last night, and then I deleted them all. I know that there are a lot of people who have been chasing since the RTD era or even the old version. They don't like Fat Mo, and there are some people who have complained to me that they really don't like Amy, but, how should I put it, this is a question of whether there is a sense of resonance . If you don't like it, please be merciful and don't spray it. They are all people in the universe, so why bother. ]

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I first came up with the saying "SH is poor for three generations, DW ruins his life", probably in early July this year. At that time, I had already finished watching Sherlock on the BBC, and had just received a translation of Sherlock Holmes-related literature; Doctor Who had not finished the fourth season, and Torchwood and Sarah Jane had not yet been on the list of wants to see. If you move, the series "Blue Box Story" has already been woven. I belong to the kind of people who are particularly tempted by reading and watching dramas, especially science fiction. Back then, the three volumes of "The Three-Body Problem" made me scratch my head. "The Story of Your Life" made me stunned, while "Doctor Who" completely I put my worldview in hot oil and poured it in ice water again. There is always a different kind of warmth in the dark forest, which is probably the case. In such a shock, I came up with this sentence: The story of Sherlock Holmes is never ending, it changes with the new, and the three generations are immortal. After watching Doctor Who once, you will brush your outlook on life once, and your whole life will be changed.
So when I saw 501, ten years later, Amelia with a small round face and ginger red hair grew into a young and beautiful Amy, but the house was still filled with all kinds of blue boxes, insisting that it was not a fantasy But it is a reality, and this sentence in my heart has completely blossomed and fruited. The three words "destroy a life" were completely opened in front of him, just like Amelia. Amelia Pond, the girl who has been waiting for a long time, is not the epitome of every DW fan, and is it not the portrayal of Fat Mo himself.

There are many friends and neighbors watching DW around, and I am not the only one who makes the little blue box thunder. Some girls hear the roaring of cars pulling sand on the construction site outside the window, and they will think it is the sound of Tardis landing; there are also girls who are willing to fall in love with the horse-faced star because of the strange bones of Little Eleven. When I was embarrassed, when I was angry, when I was tired, and when I was helpless, I always hoped silently in my heart. If a doctor came to pick me up, I would definitely walk into Tardis without hesitation. on the inside", accompany him through the interstellar space, our behavior will definitely be better than Rose's back year, and our ending should not be more bleak than Donna later. Everyone may have a little bit of this idea more or less - he will come, he will come, maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
Little Amelia also had this idea: he will come, he will come, maybe today, maybe tomorrow. After ten years of waiting, he came, but she has grown up. The waiting process may seem long and hopeless, but it already shows the existence of hope.

Amelia Pond, the girl whose life was easily ruined by the Doctor, has a little her in the heart of everyone who watches DW, whether you admit it or not. She is not like Rose who faces an adventure from the sky, not like Martha who finds an opportunity in adversity, and much less like Donna, who still insists on searching after experiencing countless blows. She is just her, she chooses to wait quietly between the real and the virtual, waiting for that person to promise to come. Sometimes we don't like Amy, maybe it's because she's a "bland" person who gets the chance to travel. But she is us. We may not be like Rose and Martha, facing the universe by chance, and we will not be like Donna going desperately to find it. Most of the things we do are more like Amelia, waiting for a sky blue box to fall from the sky, waiting for the day to come. Meeting that doctor was like planting a seed and waiting for it to germinate.
She loves it, and she hates it. The way the story went at first made me almost think she was going to fall in love with the Doctor and repeat the mistakes of Rose and Martha, but she chose Rory in the end - no, she didn't choose, she kept sticking to Rory. The doctor in her heart is more like a messed-up buddy big brother, who can be beaten and shouted "Why don't you come, I'm going to die, you know", but the Rory in her heart is Rory. As she waited to give birth to Melody at the heart of Silence, she was convinced that the universally known man who could save her was not the Doctor, but the "Last Centurion". Doctor is faith, Rory is love. Sometimes it's good to be separate -- or, most of the time, the two are separate.

But not everyone will become Amelia, or in other words, Amelia is just Amelia, only Amelia Pond will be twisted and destroyed in this life because of the Doctor. Although she is not the only one waiting by the fireplace [and Madame de Pompadour and, of course, many DW fans], she is the only one who will be in Pandorica for a thousand years, and only she will face Rory again and again. Resurrected from the dead, only she will be pregnant with a time lord in Tardis, and then watch her being taken away, only she will be trapped in an asteroid for thirty-six years, from a weak young woman to a super powerful Strong middle-aged aunt. Her whole life has been waiting. Her life was ruined by "waiting".
I don't know how many people didn't spend their childhood with their parents, at least I didn't until I was three, luckily I didn't get hit too hard. I have a friend who lived with his grandparents when he was a child until he was adolescence. When he was in junior high school, he made a lot of noise in his class, just so that the teacher could invite his mother to hold a parent-teacher meeting.
Amy's situation is much better than his. Her awkward personality, weird and arrogant temperament, although sometimes offensive, but compared with the influence of the word "waiting", it is almost insignificant. When she was most afraid of being abandoned, she encountered abandonment, and her life has been restless since then. She's so restless, she's justified, she's relatively restrained and gentle, she still has her own self-awareness, she's not Madonna, she's not hypocritical, I think she's more pleasing to the eye than Gwen Cooper. [I hacked TW again! ]

I just accidentally saw another possibility in Amelia Pond, that subtle point that is alive in each of us. Everyone who watches DW has a little her in their hearts, who has been waiting, but can't always wait.
That's all.


Supplement: On River’s Ghosts

River Song is a woman with spoilers hidden in her hair. She has a reverse timeline, the Doctor's first look is her last, and the Doctor's "last look" is also her "first look" to some extent. She has endless secrets and arouses endless curiosity. She fell in love with the Doctor, but also killed the Doctor, the equality between Kiss and Kill, she did more perfect than the Master. [Actually, I'm about to become a master and doctorate party. ]
Both RTD and Fat Mo contributed to the role of River Song, of course the latter contributed a little more. RTD first said that this character is probably the wife of the doctor to some extent [but I think it should be Tardis], Fat Mo finally gave River a wedding, and made Amy and Rory successfully promoted to mother-in-law and husband-in-law people.

- If we put the above sentence in front of the mirror, we will see another sentence:

Irene Adler is a woman who hides her mind perfectly. She could come out naked and read Sherlock what she wanted without letting Sherlock know the slightest bit about her. She has endless secrets and arouses endless curiosity. She developed feelings for Sherlock, but her original goal was to lure Sherlock into taking the bait.
Fat Mo wrote the character of Irene and brought him to the audience as "that woman." No one knew whether she was alive or dead in the end, but what everyone knew was that she at least made John jealous.

River Song vs. Irene Adler.
Fat Mo, are you haunted again?

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