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e012 it's all back to front, my past is his future. This episode really scared me. e03 This episode of Siren is very ordinary, not like Magic's handwriting~ e04 Neil Gaiman the doctor's wife: TARDIS t mother is alive! It is estimated that doc must secretly find a way to communicate with t! In addition~ it was Tardis who stole a time lord e056 Rory, what happened to Rory, the two doctors are so wonderful! I love them all. Speaking of which, the doctor didn't continue to reproduce Curry Stars on his own. There must be a way to recombine genetic diversity or something, and it's not necessarily cloned. I really wish hard by changing shoes! come true! But despite this, the story is complex enough, and there are many points to consider and pay attention to. Note that one of the features of these two seasons is that the bending of time is reflected in the viewer - I will talk about it later! God this episode is eating docself by the head, e07 I made 300 hilarious laughs to the sky! RIVER SONG! MELIDY POND! e08 Magic, you're a bit messed up, i'm not following, i'm lost—riversong is reborn, she is a little girl in a spacesuit, she got a diary e09 McGee made up, a rather bland episode expect the horrible part e10 the bell still has to be tied the bell man two Amy e11 mainline sets, when Amy no longer faithful doc, it's time to leave (the guy the doc scares the most I guess is himself) e12 Gordon is back~daddies~cyborman Soy sauce e13 THE WEDDINH AND THE Murder.


The 11th is more rational, more decisive and even cold-blooded, thinking that if the e10 is the 10th in the end, it is estimated that the 10th will be saddened by the old Amy’s emotional tears (sad and distant), but the 11th deceived everyone rationally and decisively Keep Amy out of the door, let Rory solve it on her own, leave and continue Adventure without a moment's delay once the problem is solved

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The Impossible Astronaut quotes

  • President Richard Nixon: You were my second choice for this, Mr. Delaware.

    Canton Delaware: That's okay. You were my second choice for president, Mr. Nixon.

  • The Doctor: Be careful!

    River Song: Careful? Tried that once. Ever so dull.

    The Doctor: Shout if you get into trouble.

    River Song: Don't worry, I'm quite the screamer. Now there's a spoiler for you!