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Leopold 2022-07-15 14:39:04

ep1 uncle mark! ! ! no beard! ! startrek laughed until ep2 there was a lot of dog food, and another stalk was buried...I have to wait for a long time, I decided to exercise my willpower hhhhh can it really regenerate.. Song Jiang's plot is too uncomfortable... so she When I saw Xiao 10, I knew that I would die, but Xiao 10 only cared about his name, Kao coming back, Nixon's powerful tool

ep4 The origin of T mother? (I have always thought that Mother T is a lady hhh please doctors to use her correctly. House actually destroyed the control room of Little 10, unforgivable! I still can't believe that another two thousand years of Rory will do such a thing. Die again I got an ood! But when Rory asked the doctor, when he did you have a room, he still felt bad for his strength, but Amy knew. Only then did he realize that this episode was Neil Gaiman. If you think about it, it still has his flavor, it's weird The fantasy world of the wind and the house villain that Mr. Xin matches hhh likes the doctor to say activate subroutine sigma 9

ep5 ep6 Although the setting is really a bit disgusting... think we are the ones who have traveled with the doctor for so long (don't dream (amy still not as skilled as us) hhhh the doctor so deep in the city finally waited until he was buried for so long Pit. These two episodes 11 really got me! Although it's been a season... (Little 10 is lionking (Sure enough, it's because the two Matt are twice as happy (probably when the doctor and amy said to believe in his replicator) when

ep7 I was spoiled! ! ! good man doesn't need rules.

ep8 I'm confused? ? What about the previously buried stalk? Does that mean they will meet again? What about I know everything about you? God there are so many pits! I think it's unethical for sm to do this. (You know what I'm thinking, the Führer is still in that closet

ep9 Back to the sweet little story, although I guessed the plot (spn that fear embodied was too impressive (the doctor got me when he said trustme, and I laughed when oldeyes), how can you (themanwhoforget (and he touched me) It's so sexy in the closet I don't know if anyone got it, but I think 11 closets I can (also said in a Christmas carol that he likes it)

ep10 thegirlwhowaited phantom: looking through the autumn waters. Ok, Ok. I was wrong, this episode rubbed me too much. When I saw the two amys recalling Rory together, I thought this was life, but the amy who shouted that I hate the doctor still chose to believe him, the doctor in this episode is too dark, ah, ah, ah, it feels like it has not been like this since s1 moved. The most magical pair of childhood sweethearts I've ever seen.

ep11 is the real doctorwho from the ninth episode! ! I admit he got me the words hurt but it's reality again this episode was literally the dark side of all kinds of doctors, and the words of that gibbs (shivering), and the words of rita. I really feel that Xiao 11 is getting more and more scary (as I said about his theme song, it completely falls out of the pit. I have always felt that people with faith are powerful people. I have always admired that the female companions can always maintain their love for the doctor. Faith, I really feel like I can't do it. comeon this shouldn't be a godcomplex, what a wonderful thing to have someone you can trust. The same curious doctor who is in the room is obviously a person hhh preliminary meme guess is rassilon lol The goodbye scene is also very nice. amy holds doctor, like hold something tightly

ep12 Forcing me, I have no cp cleanliness anymore hhhh but watching Jamescoerdan and llshow I still feel like a thief

ep13...I don't need to be spoiled to guess how the doctor faked his death...Sm filmed two episodes and I wasn't very satisfied at the end...I don't really like this kind of bag-shaking and clever...I really don't have any feelings and it's flat After reading it, and then buried another stalk, I like to be the amy of the mother-in-law.

I really can't stand Magic's arrangement... I laughed too if Fez died. It was already a season of falling in love with Xiao 11. I feel that magic is not suitable for writing a doctorate, and I have to take care of children, or to be popular, and I have to be smart, and I have to be busy explaining the burden. Ambiguous can. It's a rare good season... ah, I really want to scold people

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