The trailer has all kinds of appetite, come on April 23

Janelle 2022-11-09 02:57:09

The trailers and stills that have come out so far are really too appetizing. This season, the identity of River Song will be revealed. Sister Song is still strong and queen-like. The identity of Sister Song should not be as simple as Dr's wife, right? If this is the case, it's a bit too suspenseful. In the trailer, Sister Song kissed Dr. However, judging from Dr's expression after that, it was a bit like using hallucinogenic lipstick on Dr. There shouldn't be an answer to the question of Dr's real name. After all, with such a long drama and so many screenwriters, it would be inappropriate for anyone to give Dr a name suddenly.
Xiao 11 Wei Mao will turn into a scruffy look with a beard, and he is still tied with an iron chain? What the hell is going on with that replicator?
Is there a connection between the same space suit as the fourth season episodes 8 and 9 and the spaceship that appeared in the fifth season episode 11 of The Tenant? The previous generation TARDIS also appeared! ?
I really want to know who Dr is talking to in the following sentence, who is this person, he killed hundreds of timelords by himself? But what kind of mood did Xiao 11 have when he answered this sentence? How come there is a premonition that Dr will turn black this season.
unknow: Fear me. I've killed hundreds of timelords!
The doctor: Fear me. I killed all of them.

Lily Cole appeared in the scene, I don't know if it was a stereoscopic image or an alien, I don't know if Uncle C retired from SPN , What role do you want to play in DW.

I've been running my whole life. Now it's time for me to stop. This sentence combined with the previous stills of Amy kissing Xiao 11's forehead, the atmosphere is very wrong, is this to say goodbye?
This season should be to find the reason for the explosion of the TARDIS. It can make the TARDIS explode. This truth should be very dangerous. What does Silence mean? I think this season is a season of crisis.

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