Scared me to death! !

Vinnie 2022-11-21 18:09:57

The first episode where the Doctor died in the crowd was already very scary. However, based on the theorem of the protagonist's immortality, the death period was changed to 200 years later. The second episode was even scarier. In the first five minutes, except that Dr. Song Jiang would definitely not die, Amy and Rory were beaten to death one after another, and Dr. was trapped in a secret room made of white dwarf matter. Are they trying to scare the fans out of a heart attack? ! !
The monsters in this episode are also scary. The props master grasped the general principles of making monsters (see various other horror movies): bare skin, wrinkled, viscous liquid; big eyes, no nose; scissor-like hands that can be extended at will. The monster's trick is a copy of a typical scene from a horror movie: everyone, the player or the audience, knows that the danger is approaching and only the person involved doesn't. There is no need to describe what happened.

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  • President Richard Nixon: You were my second choice for this, Mr. Delaware.

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  • The Doctor: Be careful!

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