Halfway through the first episode, I'm already full of question marks... Looking forward to the sixth season~

Scottie 2022-11-03 01:28:21

Just watched the first half of the first episode, and I think this season should have a lot of highlights.

As soon as the doctor came up, he died, and before he died, he called amy, rory, river song (btw I really love this woman!), and there is a third world who doesn't know who it is, and the past himself. The doctor was killed in the process of rebirth, and asked these people to cremate the body, it seems that everything is done, and there is no hope. I felt a chill in my heart - BBC doesn't want to film doctor who anymore... Then I thought very unkindly - how angry Sheldon should be after watching this episode...

First of all, this mysterious character ×××III seems to be very important look, and we still don't know who he is. The doctor trusted very few people, and only sent four funeral invitations in total, and one of them was this unremarkable old man. He comes from the dead doctor's past, but for amy, rory, river and present doctor he belongs to the future. The story of the sixth season should have a lot to do with him.

Secondly, I don’t know if anyone remembers that when River first appeared, she said that she had committed an unforgivable crime, so she was imprisoned in Stormwind Prison. This crime was her own past, doctor’s future, killing a people. Inferring from the eyes she looked at the doctor, many people thought that the person she killed was the doctor. Could it be that this season's mysterious female blogger (I hate this name...) Song Jiang's mysteries will all be revealed? Will his relationship with the doctor become clear? Will this season tell how she killed the doctor?

In the first episode, when the doctor died, he was 1100+ years old, and the present doctor who reunited with Amy and the others was only 909 years old. What happened in these two hundred years to make the doctor, the last of timelords, choose to die? Also, why send funeral invitations to these people? What are you asking them to do? Why did it have to be the year that Apollo landed on the moon? Why don't astronauts stay on the moon and run into the lake? Moreover, the astronaut who killed him seems to have known who he is, so it will be a river song?

So seduced my curiosity, I hate the screenwriter, it seems to be a big M again! I hate Big M! I'll love you when you fill the hole in Sherlock Season 2! Moreover, which screenwriter would assign himself a role in the play! You really suck more than a supernatural director giving a character his own name!

ps: The beach in the first episode is so beautiful! It seems... a bit like Feier Moon Bay location?

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