Be sure to write a review to stand up for Moffat

Evangeline 2022-09-08 00:18:15

Seeing that everyone is scolding Moffat for cheating, although I also feel a faint feeling of cheating.
Especially after watching the sixth season, there is a feeling that I have been suffocating a bubble of urine and have been preparing to urinate for a thousand miles, but I can't urinate in the end.
But still prefer moffat over RTD.

Objectively speaking, RTD's screenwriters are more mainstream, paving the way to the final atmosphere.
Moffat is more eccentric and more dazzling. Every time, the main line and auxiliary lines are paved together. With a chaotic timeline, the suspense has been added from the very beginning.

We can't say who is stronger and who is weaker, we can only say that radishes and vegetables each have their own preferences.
It can't be said that Moffat is not good enough, and he can't fill the hole he dug himself.
You think about Closet Girl from Season 2, Weeping Angel from Season 3, Library from Season 4, until now that Season 5 and Season 6 is the lead writer, his foreshadowing sometimes doesn't just happen in one season , a single river song took three seasons to tell, and from the fourth season she met the doctor, when the doctor said, time could be rewirten, she said, don't you dare. In the sixth season, the lines of her and the doctor actually correspond to each other, indicating that moffat began to pave the way for the role of Dr. Love and kill Dr. as early as the fourth season.
Therefore, even though this season's moffat always makes people feel a little bit of a fool, but I believe that he is not a person who can be recognized by one season or two. Thinking of his "Sherlock", we have reason to be more He spends more time and space to tell his whimsy.
(PS I just like 11 Ren's hard-hearted and romantic nature. Although 10 Ren is a classic, he is always tearful and lonely. Once or twice, it is very moving. If you watch too much, you will not be able to stand it anymore. . . Drunk, be free and easy...)
(PSS I think I'm about to become 50 hairy, I'm speaking for Moffat in the forum, and I wrote this review again, Moffat, don't let me down, don't you season 7? It's such a fool again, but for you, I let the 5 hairs possess the body as much as possible!)

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