Season 6 Diversity Plot

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Department original.
[01]-----amy, rory, and river were invited by Dr. to Utah, but witnessed his death. To the surprise of the three, the doctor also invited a person, and this person was himself.
【02】------The Doctor and Amy, who were unaware of their own death, came to the moon landing era in 1969 and encountered a wonderful creature that was once seen and forgotten. And know from their mouths: silence is coming.
[03]------The doctor and amy, rory came to a pirate ship that was trapped in the sea. As long as the crew had a little scar, they would be taken away by a beautiful female sea monster. After investigation, the doctor found that the woman The Kraken is a medic on a future starship accidentally linked to a pirate ship.
[04]------The doctor received a signal from another time lord and came to the end of the universe in surprise. Who knew it was a trap. This end has already generated his own consciousness, and specialized in tardis for food. The doctor also encountered A strange woman, and claims the Doctor once called her a sex goddess.
【05】------ Tardis was forced to land on an isolated island in a strong solar tsunami and met the 22nd century humans working there. They sent acid to the mainland, and this acid could also form a clone, controlled by human consciousness, but after the second wave of the solar tsunami, the clone formed the same memory and consciousness as the main body. There's even another Dr.
[06]------Continued from the previous episode, after a clone was killed, the war between the clone and the main body broke out. After the adjustment of the clone doctor, the two factions reconciled, but one of the clones became a monster. At a critical juncture, everyone boarded the tardis, but Dr. Doppelganger decided to stay. At this time, Amy finally let go of his prejudice against Dr. Doppelganger.
[07]------The real Amy was locked up for a long time to have children, and the Amy beside the doctor was always just a clone. The doctor assembled an army and rescued Amy without a fight, but Amy's daughter melody was taken away and was trained to be the ultimate weapon to kill the doctor. All this is due to some people in the universe. Fear - A man who can assemble an invincible army at will. The river song appears and tells everyone an amazing secret that he is melody.
[08]------Under the coercion of Amy and Rory's childhood friend Mels, the doctor and others went to assassinate Hitler. Mels was accidentally shot, but he began to rebirth. It turned out that he was the river song and tried to kill the doctor. . (The first appearance of miniature people in this episode)
[09]------The doctor received a distress call from a scared little boy, the boy put all the things he feared into the closet, and in the closet the doctor knew about the boy It's a tenza...
[10]------Dr. took Amy and Rory to apalapucia, one of the top ten travel planets, but Amy accidentally entered the wrong room, and due to the chaotic time flow it became 60 Amy Amy, a peerless master at the age of 36, refused to help her 36 years ago.
[11]------The doctor and others came to an earth-like hotel, where each room is filled with a person's nightmare, even the doctor.
【12】------In this episode, the doctor is separated from amy and rory. Defeat another round of cyberman's invasion plan with craig, the fat brother who just got a baby. At the end of this episode, river song was forced to put on a space suit to kill Dr.
[13]------The time node in Utah, the doctor who generously died did not expect that something went wrong again. The universe is thrown into chaos again, in order to restore order to the universe, the Doctor must be killed by river song.

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  • The Doctor: I'm going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilise, street-level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve Jammie Dodgers and a fez.

    Canton Delaware: Get him his maps.

  • River Song: When I first met the Doctor, a long, long time ago, he knew all about me. Think about that. Impressionable young girl and suddenly, this man just drops out of the sky. And he's clever and mad and wonderful, and knows every last thing about her. Imaging what that does to a girl.

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