day and month

Norene 2022-07-19 19:35:32

The setting of the whole film is very interesting. There are ancient books, the origin of the sun and the moon, and the whole fairy tale has a brand new world view. Candleman Shir belongs to dawn and dusk, and Mooney can eliminate nightmares. He is really a beautiful dream elf. The moon is drawn by silk strings, which symbolize the delicate beauty of gentleness and tranquility. The guardians of the moon play wonderful movements on the strings. The sun is pulled by an iron chain with a spear, which symbolizes the fanatical and cheerful grand beauty, and the character settings of the two guardians are also very particular.

Although Spring is underground, he likes flowers and finally says: "Everything will get better and better."

Fasford used to be a coward, but in the end he sacrificed himself to save Mohol, who was about to become evil. He said: "I am exiting gracefully." Cowardice is a human nature, and we need to overcome him in order to become better self.

Strange and wonderful fairy tales always make people fall into magnificent imagination. The moon is carved out of dreams, giving people an indescribable beauty. Reminiscent of Freud.

The serpent, which symbolizes greed, should be influenced by the Bible.

The French's interpretation of romance and their longing for love is just right at the end of the film. Reminiscent of Xi Murong's "Moon in the Mountains": "I once stepped on the moon, just because you were in the mountains. The mountain wind blew my hair, my neck, and my bare shoulders. And the moonlight robes I wear Chinese clothes."

The kiss at the end is a bit unsuitable for children. Ha ha.

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